Online dating: Pitfalls

He had everything that a woman dating online wished for: tall, bright, elegant and knowledgeable of trendy bars and restaurants. He said he was a doctor, an astronaut, even . a spy, though in fact, he was just a medical student all day leaving classes.

And when he met the "enemy", he sneaked out his anesthetic into alcohol to perform depraved behavior. The number of his victims, according to the police, reached nearly 10 people.

Jeffrey J. Marsalis, 33, of Philadelphia, has been convicted by the court of raping eight women and another upcoming lawsuit awaiting him in Sun Valley, Idaho. Authorities said he met most of his victims through a popular online dating site.

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Jeffrey J. Marsalis.Source: AP

In court, the witnesses recounted an identical story about a sweet-talking Marsalis, like the "secret road". Everything was perfect before they turned out from the toilet or accepted a drink from the bar he took at the bar. Then they fainted without knowing anything.

A few hours later, the victims regained consciousness to find out they were at the Marsali house. Police said: In some cases, the offense has been done but there are also a few victims who woke up when he was "working". "It's like I just underwent an operation. My body is there and I can see what's going on around me, but I can't move," one victim recounted.

However, no victims (most of them are successful, highly educated women) go to the police or go to the hospital after it happens. Instead, the police only reached them after seizing Marsalis's computer for another case.

" This guy is not embarrassed at all. He is completely confident and provides his identity to all victims, " police chief John Darby said.

The site that Maraslis met with his victims was , the leading online dating site. After many similar cases, many online dating customers have become fed up with these types of services and come back to his matchmaker tomorrow.

Compared to traditional matchmaking, online dating has more risks and risks. Many people have been lied about by their opponents about their age, appearance, and background so that when they meet in real life, they "fall back".

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