Parents should all need: Equipment to 'translate' newborn babies cry

Scientists at the University of Northern Illinois (USA) have built a tool based on artificial intelligence (AI) that can decipher the cry of babies.

This method, described in the Journal of Automatica Sinica (JAS), promises to be helpful for parents, helping them not to be 'headaches' to guess babies crying because they are sick, tired, hungry. or need to be cuddled.

Picture 1 of Parents should all need: Equipment to 'translate' newborn babies cry
Devices based on artificial intelligence help understand children's cries.(Photo: RT SCREENING).

The new device also helps doctors distinguish the cry of an infected infant.

The new study uses a specific algorithm based on automatic speech recognition to detect and recognize hidden implications within a young cry.

This algorithm can categorize and record different cries, thus collecting data on why babies cry and how urgent they are, which is important for both parents and doctors. Doctor.

'Like a special language, there is a lot of health-related information in different sounds. The difference between audio signals is really informative, ' explained lead researcher Lichuan Liu of the University of Northern Illinois Digital Signal Processing Department.

Even in a noisy environment like a maternity hospital, the device still helps analyze the crying of newborn babies.

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