'Planting' wind poles on the roof

French designer Philippe Starck, who is famous for his luxurious and modern interior designs, has introduced a new wind generator turbine.

Picture 1 of 'Planting' wind poles on the roof

Philippe Starck introduced 2 models of wind poles.Photo: Design Boom

This is the result after two years of Starck finding creative direction in the field of renewable energy.

Philippe Starck's wind poles have two patterns, one with a rectangular frame, made of transparent plastic, a type with a spiral frame.

To 'grow' in the garden or on the roof, the columns are designed with a height limit of 5m.

With a capacity of 400W to 1kW / column, each family only needs to 'grow' 3 - 4 turbine columns that can meet the minimum electricity demand.

However, the price of each turbine is not cheap, each column is about 2,500 - 3,500 euros.

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