Scary warning: Numbers show that people are dying from climate change

Climate change is making people die, but the worrying fact is that none of us recognizes that. T swine Australian experts, official figures on the number of people killed by climate change can not reflect the actual effect of the current environmental disaster.

According to experts from Australian National University, heat shock is the biggest threat to this country. If global greenhouse gas emissions remain at the current pace, by 2080 the number of people killed by rising temperatures alone in Australian cities will be four times greater than they are now.

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The number of people killed as temperatures rose rapidly.

"Climate change is really a killer, but we didn't recognize it in death documents" - quoted Arnagretta Hunter, from the Australian National University.

According to Hunter, this is really a very serious problem. In the report, Hunter and four other Australian experts gave an estimate of the number of deaths from heat shock that have not been released. As a result, that number may be 50 times higher than the current official report.

In fact, although death certificates in Australia list items such as climate change, they are rarely considered. In the 2006-2017 period, analyzes indicated that less than 0.1% of the total 1.7 million deaths were related to heat stroke. However, Hunter's research shows that the odds are likely to be up to 2%.

"For example, wildfires and bushes in the summer - the result of droughts and rising temperatures. People who die from wildfires are not exactly trying to put out fires, but are often exposed to too much smoke " - quoted Hunter.

"If a person has asthma and an outbreak comes into contact with the smoke of the forest, it is obvious that the death certificate should acknowledge that," she adds.

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Climate change will be the biggest threat to the whole world.

According to Hunter, without such information, we will never really know the scale of the effects of climate change. However, recognizing the link between climate change and deaths is actually quite difficult. For example, lightning strikes the ground, creating a pit, causing nearby people to fall and die. But in the death certificate, there will be no lightning element, only the cause of death will be recorded as a fall.

"Climate change is a concern for many people. But if its effects are not noted, the whole picture will never appear."

"Death certificates need to be updated, noting the indirect causes".

According to Hunter, this update is urgent, not only for Australia but also for other countries around the world, such as the United Kingdom.

"Climate change will be the biggest threat to the whole world, after we recover from the corona virus pandemic."

In today's unpredictable world, we need accurate information, and establishing those numbers will play an important role.

The research was published in The Lancet Planetary Health.

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