Scientists discover a way to control the brain with light

A team of Korean researchers has tested the ability to control regions of the brain with beams of light, this technology promises to be able to treat epilepsy, muscle spasms.

Picture 1 of Scientists discover a way to control the brain with light
This method is called Opto-vTrap.

Scientists have been experimenting to control the actions and emotions of mice, with a method described as using a special type of blue light, to understand communication between neurons. in the brain.

This type of light helps to pause communication between specific brain cells, which can control behaviors and emotions depending on which brain region they target. They conducted an experiment to erase the memory of a mouse's fear.

The method is called Opto-vTrap, and it was brought together by Director C. Justin Lee from the Center for Cognition and Society of the Institute of Basic Sciences and Professor Heo Won Do from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. to develop. Scientists are using it to learn about how the brain works. Lee says it could be used to treat epilepsy, muscle spasms, and skin tissue expansion.

There are many ways to control brain activity now, but they may not affect certain types of cells. And another problem is that any alternative methods can cause neurons to malfunction or cause long-term, even permanent damage. But the effect of Opto-vTrap will disappear after about 15 minutes.