Smart sun visors find their eyes to drive

The Bosch Group introduced a transparent sun-shading device, which uses artificial intelligence to locate the driver's eye and then shading the sun without blocking the view.

According to Dailymail (UK), the device can reduce the number of casualties caused by car accidents.

Dr Steffen Berns, Chairman of Bosch Car Multimedia of Bosch, said: 'The shield we know cannot help us avoid dangerous sun rays, especially early in the morning and in the evening.'

Picture 1 of Smart sun visors find their eyes to drive

Picture 2 of Smart sun visors find their eyes to drive
Equipment can reduce the number of car accident casualties.(Photo: Dailymail).

As for Bosch virtual shields, it uses a larger screen than the normal screen hung on the windshield. The virtual shield is ready to create shade when needed and can reduce unnecessary cover area by up to 90% compared to normal screens.

The virtual visor attaches to the camera and can detect the driver's eye position to make sure the shade falls in the right position.

In a new product introduction video, Bosch engineers said they came up with this idea when they realized that car sunshades had not changed in nearly a century.

Ministry of Transport figures show that the sun's rays were a factor in 2,643 accidents in the UK in 2018 and involved 551 serious car crashes that left 27 people dead.

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