The ancient wall honors Alexander the Great

Picture 1 of The ancient wall honors Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great.( markchurms )

Greek archaeologists unearthed the ancient Macedonian city at the foot of Mount Olympus discovered a 2,600 m long wall with a structure inspired by Alexander's great victory.

Mounted on the wall are many fragments taken from statues that honor Greek gods, including Zeus, Hephaestus and Dionysus.

The construction of the fortress area began under King Cassander in the 14th century BC, the successor of Alexander the Great. Cassander was allegedly ordered to kill Alexander's mother, wife and little son.

The structure of the walls shows that it was inspired by the glorious victories of Alexander the Great in the East, because the young king also wanted his stronghold to be on par with the great works encountered in the war.

In the wall, the coins from the Theodosius era, the 4th century Byzantine emperor, were abolished.


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