The girl may die if exposed to the sun

Andrea Monroy, 23, who suffers from dry skin pigmentation (abbreviated as XP), a condition that makes patients vulnerable to skin cancer when exposed to ultraviolet rays from sunlight.

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Andrea Monroy and the skin with freckles because of not being exposed to the sun.(Photo: Caters).

Because of this disease, Andrea always had to cover people and wear a hat, special gloves when leaving home. The young girl, who lives in the city of San Diego, California, was diagnosed with the disease at age 5 after a lot of freckles appeared on her body.

To protect her daughter's sensitive skin, Andrea's parents had to let her study at home. In addition, they used stained glass to install in the window and just let Andrea out at night.

According to Mirror, since childhood, Andrea has undergone 25 surgeries to remove cancer cells from the body. She is also treating to destroy precancerous cells.

Currently, young girls share their experiences in fighting illness on social networks to encourage those who have difficulty learning how to love themselves.

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Andrea is blogging about her illness to encourage people to love themselves.(Photo: Caters).

"I began to grow a lot of freckles on my body when I was 2. My life was always different. I never went to school, because it was not safe for my health, and my mother taught me. how to read and write In the house, the windows are all made of stained glass, the curtains are always tight, all the things I do happen at night, " Andrea said.

The young girl also added that life with XP became more difficult when going out to be teased, sarcastic.

"There are still a few people mocking me now, but not as bad as I was when I was a kid. Now it no longer makes me feel much more affected. I love these freckles and scars, I also learned how to love I hope this world will be more open , " she said.

Because she rarely goes out during the day, Andrea often stays home and uses that time to read books, draw pictures and take pictures.

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