The impotent healing method for incredible gentlemen from ancient kim

Early descriptions of erectile dysfunction can be found in Egyptian papyrus about 2,000 BC, which is about 4,000 years ago.

Which describes two states of impotence.Natural paralysis is a condition in which a man cannot erect. The extremely complex second form is supernatural paralysis , caused by magical or demonic forces. The formation of medicine is always accompanied by pathologies so having a disease is also the time to seek treatment.

In Malleus Maleficarum (a witch's charm) a handbook to kill witches (recognized by the Catholic Church) confirmed the witch's spells caused impotence. Is this the reason why witches are hunted out in a riot and a group of men died unjustly?

Ancient methods

The development history of erectile dysfunction comes from relying on spirituality, gods and supernatural forces, talismans (to neutralize curses) to solutions that are scientifically like 'awakening'. 'The brain, stimulates stimulation with sexual stimulation or medicine.

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The first record of erectile dysfunction was 4000 years ago in ancient Egypt.(Illustration).

In the early stages of humanity when medical knowledge was not really advanced, first to save this situation, people sought mystical solutions . However, the offerings for these methods are quite large, so not everyone can afford to pay. Or rather, in Babylon people had a method of reading poetry to solve . paralysis .

The ancient Greeks built a belt to keep the genitals warm by thinking that it could not rise because it was cold. Perhaps this is the ancestor of the latter pants for men because its shape is similar.

The first erectile dysfunction in psychological therapy was described in Greek mythology. Iphiclus King Phylacus' son had erectile dysfunction, so he could not have a child. Melampus - a male scientist at the time found out that Iphiclus had seen his father castrate a horse when he was young, then approached him with a bloody knife.

Haunting after the horse will be that he will cause the prince to be terrified and unable to grow into a normal adult man. The male doctor then sharpened the rust of that knife for Iphiclus to drink. Thanks to that psychological therapy, the boy overcame his fear to recover completely.

From ancient times to now, therapies based on some main pillars are: finding sexual stimulants, mechanical therapies, surgery, tips.

Countless substances have been used to enhance combat ability.Oysters, lobsters, eggs . have been mobilized. At one time, the Spanish beetle was a trademark of marquis Sade, a noble who liked to party and was infamous for his many interesting sex games. Now this powder has been banned in the United States for the reason that the benefits are not likely to cause seizures, even death.

Numb horns are said to have miraculous effects, so they cannot help them but only contribute to making this species quickly extinct. In ancient Egypt, the crocodile dish was once hot. The Romans preferred to eat fresh meat of the raging animals , especially the testes of goats, sheep and cows, believing that the energy of the pit will be transmitted to the body of the person eating.

In Vietnam, there are still many people who believe that pelvic help is positive. The tuberous plants with human form like ginseng . are also thought to contain a special source of energy, because of its shape rather than substance.

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