The pupil made an automatic incubator for chickens and ducks

The hatching system automatically adjusts the temperature, has a CCTV and when the seed hatches, the system will automatically signal the owner.

The model of incubator built by Do Hoang Anh (Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City) was designed to help farms reduce labor, increase hatching rate and raise the quality of breeders.

From an early age, Hoang Anh found that his grandfather often incubated eggs by natural methods, ie to lay the chickens and then incubate himself. Many times he found him struggling and worried because he had to depend on his mother, whichever was good enough to support.'At that time, I wanted to do something to help my grandfather but didn't know how to do it, and then when I was in 8th grade, I got an apprenticeship in electrical engineering at school, plus knowledge from computer science, I was able to Creating this product ' , Hoang Anh shared.

In order to have money to buy assembly parts, I had to stop eating breakfast that my parents gave me. When I had enough money, I had to go to far-away shops to buy what I needed . 'Once I got the components, I started to do each operation. Another difficulty for me is not knowing how to arrange the parts properly. Due to lack of experience, I have exploded a few times , 'Hoang Anh said.

But thinking about my grandfather, Hoang Anh was not discouraged, I asked my teachers for further instructions, partially disassembled me again, and then continued to reinstall. Through many efforts, finally 'Model incubator' is completed.

Picture 1 of The pupil made an automatic incubator for chickens and ducks
Do Hoang Anh won the second prize (Junior High School Table) in the HCMC Youth Creative Contest 2019 organized by Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union.

Incubators of Hoang Anh include plastic containers, cooling fans, humidification modules, accelerators, temperature control modules, egg trays, filament bulbs, electrical wires and some other supporting parts.

'When it is too cold outside, the lamp will turn on to provide eggs' temperature, when the temperature is sufficient, the system will automatically disconnect, coordinate with the humidity module to circulate humidity, hot air to ensure the eggs hatch evenly' , Hoang He analyzed.

According to Hoang Anh, in parts, light bulbs are the most important. This is the place to provide light, the temperature to help the eggs hatch, but not all lamps can be used, it is best to use a filament lamp because it has the right temperature and is often used in farms.

In order to observe and monitor the incubation process, Hoang Anh suggested that households or farms could install additional cameras. Because at that time, people do not need to go back and forth to look after the farm. Instead, they can observe anywhere through the smartphone connected to the camera. In addition, in the model, Hoang Anh also set the alarm system so that when the seed hatches, the incubator will automatically signal the owner.'I tried it and succeeded. Both chicken eggs hatch into the same breed ', Hoang Anh said.

When asked if the case of power outages, the eggs will be like? Hoang Anh said: 'Power outage is very common, however, in addition to connecting to the power source used in the house, this machine can also connect to the battery to operate normally. Therefore, no matter how long the power outage will not affect the eggs'.

According to Hoang Anh, to be successful in creating, you do not need to be too good but have to master the basic knowledge, especially in informatics. In addition, it is also necessary to try, determined to implement to the end. Creating these products is easy to fail, especially with regards to electricity. Just connect the wrong circuit to explode immediately.

Sharing about the achievements, Hoang Anh said: 'I am very happy that the model is highly appreciated by teachers and experts in science and technology. Currently, my family does not have enough space for chickens to hatch. Therefore, I will transfer this model back to my hometown for relatives' use.

Commenting on the 'Incubator model' , Tran Thanh Uyen's parents (students of Cach Mang Secondary School in August, District 10) said: 'This is a good initiative that can help people easily control. process of hatching and reducing loss of seed. Previously, my family also used to broody hens, however, some chickens are incubated so the rate of successful hatching of eggs is only about 70% -80% '.

With this incubator, Hoang Anh has won the second prize in the HCMC Youth Creative Contest 2019. Currently, he is still tinkering with other assembly projects to achieve the goal of becoming an expert in the field. electricity - electronics in the future.

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