The shark sharks 'whip' to kill its prey in the ocean

Not all sharks are frantic to bite their prey in sight, foxes have a way of hunting like no other but are extremely charming.

The set of Sharks is a set of sharks. They are of medium size, have 5 pairs of gills, two dorsal fins without stiff spines, in the eyeless eyes, adapt to life fast in the water to hunt for prey. They have sharp teeth and are predatory, V-shaped mouth under the muzzle. Many species breed or lay eggs with tough shells.

Picture 1 of The shark sharks 'whip' to kill its prey in the ocean
The fox shark possesses a very long tail.

Among these are an unrelated species, especially fox sharks . This fish has a similar appearance to other brother sharks, but they possess a very unique point, the long tail .

This tail helps the long-tailed shark to balance when swimming, both as a deadly weapon when hunting.

Instead of rushing to bite or chase enemies, the fish choose a more unique hunting method: Swing their tails sharply, knock out small fish and slowly enjoy the prey.

The tail of the tail is very strong, it even produces air bubbles in the water, creating a damaging wave of shock that not only the fish comes in direct contact but also nearby prey. The attack can stun, even kill the enemy.

With this way of hunting, each time a shark can only defeat 3-7 small fishes, however, it will not cost much to hunt and hunt like their relatives.

Fox sharks mainly live in deep waters, in the water layer with a maximum depth of 500 meters, although they are also frequently present in the more shallow waters in the North American continental shelf or North Pacific. , but quite rare in Central and Western Pacific.

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