The strange halo in Norway could be a rocket

The mysterious halo in Norway could be created by a failed missile test of Russia.

AP quoted Russia's Defense Minister as saying that the country's military tried to fire Bulava missiles from the Dmitry Donskoi submarine in the White Sea (located in northwestern Russia) on Wednesday morning. Bulava is a type of intercontinental missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The missile fell halfway through an unidentified incident.

'In the first stage and the second missile works normally. But in the final phase it fell because of a technical problem, ' the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Picture 1 of The strange halo in Norway could be a rocket

Mysterious halo in the Norwegian sky on December 9.Photo: AP.

The test took place before sunrise, coinciding with the time when people in northern Norway saw strange blue halo in the sky. It is thought that it is comets, aurora, rockets or even extraterrestrial discs.

The Russian Defense Ministry has not confirmed that the halos in Norway were created by the Bulava missile test, but military experts say it is a possibility.

'This light was created by a failed missile test. At least the test created a beautiful firework scene in the sky over Norway, ' Pavel Felgenhauer, a Russian defense researcher, told AP.

On Wednesday morning the Norwegian Meteorological Institute received thousands of phone calls asking about the appearance of a strange light. Jan Petter Jorgensen, a local resident, shot the blue halo and whirled before disappearing for about two to three minutes.

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