The teacher creates a 'magic' noodle making machine, exported to foreign countries

Entering into mechanical engineering, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Doan Son chose to research "countryside" products such as noodle, noodle, rice paper machine . with the desire to bring Vietnamese food to the world.

Passionate about technology, Assoc.Prof . Dr. Tran Doan Son (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - University of Technology - VNU HCM) has devoted his life to researching and creating unique and unique machines. Up to now, he has owned 9 exclusive patents and is widely applied from North to South, from Vietnam to the world.

Picture 1 of The teacher creates a 'magic' noodle making machine, exported to foreign countries
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Doan Son (left) and partner.

The machines for Vietnamese cuisine

At the age of 66, many people 'washed their hands to guard the sword' , retreated to a peaceful place to enjoy old age. But Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Doan Son is still full of energy, enthusiastically researching and manufacturing unique, modern and socially recognized devices.

The first product that he researched and implemented in 2002 was 'Equipment and process of steaming cashew nuts by saturated steam', which helps the cashew nut to be produced not only without loss but also to improve productivity. To date, more than 95% of factories in Vietnam use cashew steaming technology with saturated steam. The product earned him the honor of receiving his first patent the following year.

In 2005, he launched a fresh noodle making equipment to replace manual production methods, improve productivity, while ensuring quality and food hygiene. In 2007, the first complete machine integrated the whole process of processing fresh noodles (including puree, filtering impurities, stirring, rolling, steaming, cutting fibers, finished products; excluding soaking segments) wake up.

Picture 2 of The teacher creates a 'magic' noodle making machine, exported to foreign countries
The noodle making machine is researched and created by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Doan Son.

The device consists of two parts: a rice mill and a steaming mill. In the blender, there is a pumping system to convince the water, so that the grinding process is repeated and the rice is ground smoothly and evenly. In particular, the steaming and cutting machine can adjust the length and thickness of the cake, giving a uniform finished product that the previous production lines in the country have not been able to. Especially, with this machine, the worker can shorten the process of making fresh pho noodles from 12 hours to less than 2 hours.

Although it is classified as the best food in the world, it takes a lot of time to make a delicious noodle bowl to satisfy the customers. In particular, the processing of pho noodles takes a lot of effort and if the noodles are not fresh enough, the attractiveness of pho is reduced by half.

Therefore, Mr. Son's fresh noodle making machine has revolutionized the process of producing fresh noodle cake, both ensuring food safety and hygiene, and promoting Pho production technology to the world. 

After winning, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Son continued to research many other utility devices related to cuisine. Among them, the products ' noodle production equipment including water powder extrusion mechanism ' - the product has just won the second prize at the 6th Ho Chi Minh City Patent Awards by Department of Science and Technology Organized by Ho Chi Minh City.

The device meets the technology for producing rice noodles from diluted rice flour into noodles, which have been slowly cooked, from low temperatures to high temperatures, thanks to special textured screws and cylinders, simple operation. , suitable for restaurants and hotels. Currently, the device has been transferred to 9 domestic and foreign enterprises (USA, Sweden, Korea, Laos) and proceeded to export to European market.

Picture 3 of The teacher creates a 'magic' noodle making machine, exported to foreign countries
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Doan Son introduces a super-speed automatic noodle making machine.

Also at the Ho Chi Minh City Invention Award, his two round rice paper production equipment and his automatic roll rice paper production equipment were also honored to win the third prize and the consolation prize.  

The device for producing round rice paper is composed of a roll forming roller, a steaming roller and a gear assembly, which increases productivity, avoids wasting of post-shaping materials, creates quality products and models. as desired. This solution meets the requirements of the production technology from diluted rice flour into round rice paper with a reasonable diameter and thickness, which has been transferred to 9 businesses across the country.

Besides, the automatic production of rice paper is also researched to help increase productivity, quality, save human resources but also contribute to raising the value and bringing Vietnamese food out. world.

The teacher of many . directors

Graduated from Hanoi University of Technology, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Doan Son came to work at Hanoi University of Technology - Vietnam National University. After receiving a scholarship to study in Czechoslovakia and a doctorate degree, he returned to the school of research and teaching to date.

For more than 40 years with the profession, he is a devoted, enthusiastic, devoted teacher for students and associates. He is willing to share his experience with those who are interested in contributing to the increasing field of mechanics, worthy of a key industry to promote economic development. Every research topic, he created . a talented director.

'The topic after doing it, I support my colleagues to open the company to put the product into operation. Where there are difficulties and obstacles, I am willing to advise so that many people say I have a lot of companies. But in fact, I only have a small workshop with an engineer and a few students to practice, and the other companies are of partners and students' , Assoc.

Talking about the predestined to research and creativity, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Doan Son said that although there are many doctors in the family, he loves and is passionate about mechanical engineering. When he entered the research path, he chose to research products related to food processing.

"Vietnam is an agricultural country, with many traditional dishes such as vermicelli, pho, rice paper . which are highly appreciated by the world. However, when using traditional methods for processing, it is very time consuming, human resources but productivity and design have not been as expected. If applying technology, the production process is very simple, saving time, costs . ", Associate Professor , Dr. Son confided.

The machines he created are not only used in Vietnam but also to the United States, Japan, England . because of their modernity and optimal working ability.

'To complete the machine takes a lot of time from stitching up ideas, researching, creating products to commercialization, innovation . but when seeing the enthusiasm is completed, no joy can be. unmatched. Whatever you do, you must have passion and dedication to succeed, '' said Prof. Son.

Currently, he is still researching and manufacturing mini rice noodle production equipment for domestic and foreign restaurants and hotels to promote Vietnamese cuisine brands around the world and Manufacture automatic spring roll production line and manage production in the direction of 4.0.

With his contributions, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Doan Son has received many awards and certificates of honor such as: Third-class Labor Medal; 2 certificates of merit awarded by the Prime Minister; many certificates of merit awarded by leaders of Ho Chi Minh City; many awards in creative contests . 

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