The unknown thing about Oxytocin 'love hormone' and autism

Israeli scientists say the hormone Oxytocin plays an active role in normal social communication, supporting mothers during childbirth and breastfeeding, helping to control stress .

Israeli scientists have discovered how Oxytocin fills the human brain and the relationship between this "love hormone" and autism spectrum disorder syndrome (referred to as autism).

In the study published in the journal eLife on July 29, Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) said Oxytocin is a hormone that the brain will automatically produce whenever humans act cuddly and cuddling. and other close interactions mechanically, for example when parents carefully observe a newly born child or a couple exchanging loving eyes.

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Hormone oxytocin plays an active role in normal social communication.

However, oxytocin is not only a hormone of love, it also plays an active role in normal social communication, support when the mother is giving birth and breastfeeding, helping to control stress, doing increased appetite . more benefits than that.

Scientists say it was discovered that Oxytocin was produced from the hypothalamus, then excreted from the hypothalamus and transferred to the pituitary before being excreted into the bloodstream.

During the study of the brain of small transparent zebrafish, experts found that like in humans, this hormone is "packed" in special lipid capsules, allowing them to enter call buttons. is synapse.

The results showed that in the saltwater environment, Oxytocin was quickly released from the sacs in the synapse, after which the hormone was added to desalination.

In other experiments, the researchers also found that other molecules affect the accumulation of synapses in the synapse, which plays a role in restoring Oxytocin.

From these results, the scientists concluded that the abnormalities in the activity of Oxytocin or the deficiency of this hormone will lead to autism in humans. This is considered an important finding to pave the way for further research on autism.

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