The US Air Force is about to start a dogfight with AI

The U.S. Air Force has long been studying the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to support its operations - for example, in 2016, we saw a fighting AI defeat many leading strategic experts. of this force. And now, US Air Force researchers have continued to research an automatic drone, designed to shoot down manned aircraft in air battles. According to the schedule, this utopian fight will take place in July 2021.

Reportedly, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has been developing an automatic fighter jet since 2018, with the intention of first using machine-learning technology on less advanced aircraft - like F-16 - before bringing them to new models, like F-22 or F-35.

Of course, the details of this competition are still very dim - after all, this is a military project, and therefore it is classified as extremely high security. Director of the Pentagon Artificial Intelligence Center, Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan, said AFRL " broke the limits " of AI in military applications, and added that the team was confident "the machine would defeat humans." ".

Picture 1 of The US Air Force is about to start a dogfight with AI
The US Air Force researches automated drones, designed to shoot down manned aircraft in air battles.

However, Shanahan also said that the Air Force will calculate to address the problems as has happened in other automation fields, emphasizing that " right now there is no means of self-propulsion at all levels. 4 running around the road, "and that is not all technological progress is the success story as we thought.

Whether or not this project achieves its goals, it has joined a fairly long list of AI enhancements being explored by the Air Force. One of the most notable projects is probably the Skyborg sub-drone project , with the goal of creating an AI system to support pilots in the sky. In addition, the US Air Force - and the US military as a whole - has been preparing to bring machine learning into everything from maintenance to combat tactics.

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