The world's first large-scale tidal power plant

The world's first large-scale tidal power plant was inaugurated on September 12 in Scotland.

According to Guardian, the turbine of the MeyGen tidal project in the Pentland Firth Strait was put into operation in the outskirts of Inverness, Scotland.

After the inauguration, the turbine with a height of about 15m and a propeller of 16m in diameter, a volume of 200 tons will begin to be used in waters off the north of Scotland, between Caithness and Orkney.

Picture 1 of The world's first large-scale tidal power plant
Tidal electric turbines are about to go into operation.(Photo: Mike Brookes Roper / PA).

This will be the first turbine in a series of four units placed under water, each with a capacity of 1.5 megawatts (MW) in the first phase of the project.

However, project developers hope to receive $ 30.5 million from the Scottish government budget to build a total of 269 turbines, boosting capacity to 398 MW, enough to power 175,000 households.

Maf Smith, executive vice president of RenewableUK campaign group, said the project MeyGen is a "big step forward in scale" and creates "great advantage in maintaining Britain's leading position". in the field of renewable energy.

"The first turbine to be installed at the site of the former oil and gas production site is a testament to the opportunities that renewable energy brings," he said.

The project is also expected to attract high-level Scottish workers to work.

Tidal energy is exploited by placing turbines under water. When the tide goes up and is pushed in or when the tide recedes, it will turn the turbine and generate electricity.

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