There are 2 'mysterious' gates in Hue Imperial City

After unloading and relocating a number of houses living in the upper part of the Imperial City of Hue, the authorities discovered two city gates with unique architecture .

Detected 2 city gates

In recent days, the public opinion in the ancient capital of Hue has stirred up the appearance of two mallet brick gates lying on both sides of the East into a waterway , the entrance to the Ngu Ha River, belonging to the Hue Monuments system, after the people. dismantling houses to relocate under the project of ' Relocating population in region 1 Hue city'.

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Photo There are 2 'mysterious' gates in Hue Imperial City

One of the two city gates in the Imperial City system.

Two small gates a few hundred meters apart. The first gate is on the right of Luong Y Bridge, built in the form of an arch gate across the wall of about 60cm thick, 80cm wide, 100cm high, underneath are intact green rocks. The gate was discovered after relocated households in the upper part of the city moved to a new place. The second gate is on the left of Luong Y Bridge, at the back of an un-cleared house. At present, the city gate is covered with lots of plots built by people many years ago.

About the second gate, the front is the house of Mrs. Le Thi Dao's family (SN 1951, at 126 Xuan 68 Street, Hue City). Ms. Dao informed, her family has lived nearly 100 years, through many generations in this area. From 40 years ago, when she came to be a bride at home, she saw the gate, but about 5 years ago, because the gate was close to the kitchen, her family used a lot of concrete and cement to seal the gate. The thief broke into the house.

Researcher Nguyen Xuan Hoa said that the history of the Nguyen dynasty did not record anything to these two gates. Two epitaphs have been placed at Khanh Ninh Bridge and Kho Bridge talking about digging the Ngu Ha River, the East defense system into a fairly detailed customs, but also not mentioning two arched gates that are enough for one person to come and go here.

According to Mr. Hoa, in the old days, Dong Thanh was a important defense position of the Nguyen Dynasty. The boats that wanted to enter Hue Imperial City along the Ngu Ha River had to go through this place. The area on both sides of the East became a 13-hole customs gate, where the Nguyen court arranged a cannon to defend.

Researcher Nguyen Xuan Hoa said that maybe because of some secret defense reasons, these gates are rarely mentioned. 'I believe these two gates are the two gates for the guards of their court to come in and out of the city so that they can check the area of ​​the Ngu Ha estuary to the east and this is more accurate when his documentary Léopold Cardière tells us that it is the garrison of the righteous dragon . So an army guard at the estuary is quite strict, this provides an additional information about the value of Hue Citadel, especially its defensive nature . ' , Mr. Hoa analyzed.

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Photo 2 There are 2 'mysterious' gates in Hue Imperial City

One gate was 'exposed', one was still behind the people's houses.

Survey and restoration

According to a document provided by the Hue Monuments Conservation Center, the two gates were given by priest Léopold Michel Cadière in the book `` Hue Citadel: Place '' with the name 'left and right' gates. ' and marked on the map at position 121. This source also said that according to Dai Nam unanimity in this position, there was a cannon workshop and 20 guards to guard Dong Thanh customs. These two gates are for the convenience of soldiers to patrol the highway outside the city.

Mr. Vo Le Nhat - Director of Hue Monuments Conservation Center said that the center had surveyed the system of fortresses in the citadel and bunkers in the upper citadel, storing images, including these two gates. . At the beginning of 2020, the Center of Scientific Research of the Center will continue to re-examine the Citadel system to systematize the names of fortresses and ammunition depots, sewers on the Upper Citadel after the people have moved to the regulation area. plan. In parallel with the survey, the center has made signs to pay attention to the locations that need to be cautious when cleaning up the prize.

'In the process of people living in this area, we also highly appreciate the awareness of protecting the heritage of the people. Up to now, basic people still retain the core values ​​of this monument. Currently, the center is researching and making plans to preserve and promote the values ​​of the above two brick gates. This is part of the plan to preserve and promote the value of the entire Hue Citadel after relocation. In parallel with the restoration, surveys and construction of sustainable tourism products will be conducted on the basis of Ngu Ha system and Hue heritage heritage . ' , Mr. Nhat said.

Picture 3 of There are 2 'mysterious' gates in Hue Imperial City Photo 3 There are 2 'mysterious' gates in Hue Imperial City
These two gates will be well preserved.

Researcher Nguyen Xuan Hoa believes that there are still many secrets in Shanghai. He proposed that, after relocating the population, it is necessary to restore Hue Citadel to an attractive tourist route. In particular, the Eastern citadel is really a place that can create an attraction for travelers to explore on the Thuong Thanh route, or move by boat into the Ngu Ha River if it recalls the historical and cultural space. through the organization and display of artifacts from the Nguyen Dynasty .

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