Top best science apps for phones

For those with passion for exploration, with curious, curious hobbies, scientific applications are extremely valuable and meaningful to them. But as mentioned above, with too large a disparity in the quantity as well as a level of interest and interest, being able to find a good, useful scientific application with enough information as accurate, fully updated is not easy.

Stemming from that need of scientific discoveries and discoveries, we have collected and searched, to bring you a list of the top "top" science applications on the phone.


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If someone likes American action movies, fiction, or is constantly watching the news, it will surely be heard several times the name NASA is mentioned. This is a new application, provided by the NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) - the US Aeronautics and Space Agency provides absolutely free to users of devices using iOS and Android operating systems.

2. SkyORB

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SkyORB is an extremely interesting and interesting astronomy application that is provided completely free to smartphone users using iOS operating system. Although quite compact, but this is a multifunctional application with astronomy survey program includes many extremely useful features such as:

  • 3D star map.
  • 3D observatory.
  • Astronomical calendar.

Search tools, sundial, point to sky, weather . and many other attractive features.
A special feature that makes applications to top the best science applications is the ability to identify and provide information to a user about a star or planet at any time by a very simple operation, It's bringing your smartphpne to the sky, heading towards it. In addition, SkyORB also supports quite a number of different languages ​​in the world, making access to users better.

3. Night Sky 2

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With Night Sky 2, you can see the stars more clearly and in more detail with more information. Just like SkyORB, this application uses Point to sky technology - a new technology that allows users to explore, observe a star, just point their mobile device to the sky (about the star, the planet), the rest, Night Sky 2 will take care. And if the sky around the area you observe is not really good (cloudy) then that is not a problem, because Night Sky 2 can still find and display well asteroids as well as the stars that it have information.

While it is a waste application and is only used for iPhone, iPad, Night Sky 2 is always a good name for every time you evaluate the best scientific applications on smartphones.

4. 1001 mysteries of the world

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Make a comprehensive application, including many mysterious, inexplicable issues in the world and even in Vietnam. Every story is in it the facts are recorded, and many scientists and spiritual researchers have spent time learning and researching, but the answer is still a mystery. And until now, all are still mysterious phenomena, no one can understand, or give any reasonable explanation.

If you are curious, like to discover mysterious stories and do not have such a solution, why not try the mysterious 1001 app of the World? Perhaps, this could be an attractive "bedtime stories" that appeals to your imagination and others?

5. Know Your Body

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This can be considered an extremely useful two-in-one application that if you are using a smartphone, you cannot ignore it. Know Your Body provides users with all the necessary, accurate and complete information about our body parts. Not only that, this application has a fairly visual illustration, accompanying sound, as well as a rich question-finding system.

Having a better understanding of the body parts, has just been given information to have more healing knowledge corresponding to each part.

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