'Unexpected' methods help brain wisdom

With the training tips below, your brain will become

With the training tips below, your brain will become "smarter than usual".

Personality, thinking and emotions, all have a close relationship with the brain. But according to a study by psychology and psychiatrists - Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), we can completely change the brain in a better way.

Some methods and exercises offered by Davidson may help us stimulate neurons to have positive thoughts. From there, we can raise awareness and ability to concentrate, understand social messages, let go of negative emotions and become more flexible.

1. Rearrange your working corner and space

Picture 1 of 'Unexpected' methods help brain wisdom Photo 1 of 'Unexpected' methods help brain wisdom

Richard Davidson suggests that you rearrange your home and desk space according to a positive trend. It also means that you should arrange the space around the work area so that when you look at you feel optimistic, happy, happy.

After conducting research, scientists, always in contact with the objects and images that bring optimism will help people have positive and lucid thoughts in daily life and work. , at the same time bring confidence.

2. Express gratitude

Picture 2 of 'Unexpected' methods help brain wisdom Photo 2 of 'Unexpected' methods help brain wisdom

Scientists say that the simplest way to express gratitude is to say 'Thank you'. Dr. Davidson said that saying "Thank you" regularly will help you feel more optimistic, stimulating neurons to work effectively.

But the power of thanksgiving is not only that. When receiving a thank-you, the opponent also feels that his efforts are rewarded, his self-worth is valued and most of the cases feel "warm".

In other words, expressing gratitude will bring unexpected benefits. At this time, the hormone oxytocin will have a strong impact on human positive emotions such as trust, empathy and tolerance. So when receiving help from someone even though it's small, don't be shy, look into their eyes and say thank you.

3. Praise

Picture 3 of 'Unexpected' methods help brain wisdom Photo 3 of 'Unexpected' methods help brain wisdom

Praising others is also a way to train your brain. Trying to find good points for each person and the opportunity to praise them is a good way to make it easier for us to discover the advantages of everyone in our daily lives. Besides, it also makes you have a much more pleasant and pleasant view of life.

In addition, saying compliments is an extremely simple secret in communication that the effectiveness is extremely great. A 'standard' compliment is a combination of sincerity, speaking time, motivation and word usage.

4. Meditation

Picture 4 of 'Unexpected' methods help brain wisdom Photo 4 of 'Unexpected' methods help brain wisdom

Meditation helps people attain an absolute enlightenment, peace of mind, thereby regulating life, relieving the stresses of modern life, but the present day bucket. Besides, meditation helps develop concentration, enhances the awareness and attention of the brain in addition to relaxation benefits.

Conducting resonance imaging from the brain, scientists assert, daily meditation will stimulate some parts of the cortex, thereby helping you remember long, increasing intelligence .

Dr. Davidson suggests simple meditation methods: Choose the time you feel most alert, then sit up straight, focus on the breath, feel the changes in your body. If distracted, relax your body and direct your focus back to your breath.

5. Focus on looking at 1 item 10 minutes a day

Dr. Davidson offers an additional method of training concentration. It was sitting in a quiet room, focusing on looking at an object (flowerpot, painting, photo .) within 10 minutes. If distracted, direct your attention to the object.

This method helps stimulate the limits of neurons when concentrated. This can also be considered as a method of eye training, because keeping the eye always focused on a fixed object can increase the concentration of the eye significantly.

6. Notice body language

Picture 5 of 'Unexpected' methods help brain wisdom Photo 5 of 'Unexpected' methods help brain wisdom

In the time of humanity, there was no particular voice, body language was the most unique way of communicating, helping us to interpret things 'without words'.

Over time, the importance of body language has been raised, so far the application or understanding of body language plays a very important role in work (especially in presentations) and life.

Focus on observing the body language of others. When watching, try to guess their mood. Then pay attention to the signals on the face, gestures and their relationship with the voice pitch, then give the best possible behavior.

According to Dr. Davidson, this method aims to improve the acumen of grasping social and progressive messages in the way of 'dealing with humanity'.

7. Identify emotional agents

If you are a hot-tempered person or always overwhelmed by emotions and overreacting, you should probably do this. Basically, this method is similar to 'meditation'.

Take the time to make a list of events or behaviors that respond to your negative reactions. Then think about the cause of those behaviors, whether right or wrong, while breathing deeply and slowly, you will feel much more comfortable.