Uses of the water tower

The water tower is an elevated water tank, with the main purpose being to store water for less time to use for peak hours, appearing in many parts of the world.

According to Live Science, in many parts of the world, after being treated (filtered, disinfected), water will be pumped through pipes to serve daily life or pumped to water stations for storage.

Picture 1 of Uses of the water tower
The water tower on To Ky Street in Trung My Tay Ward (District 12, Ho Chi Minh City) was built by the French since the early 20th century to provide water for people in the area but stopped using it for more than 20 years.(Photo: Duy Tran).

Many water towers are very tall, looking like a giant lollipop. It needs such a height so that the water has a large potential reserve after being pumped up. This energy will be converted into water kinetic energy when necessary, according to Enos Inniss, professor of civil engineering assistant, University of Missouri.The higher the potential, the greater.

The height of a water tower depends on the water requirement of the place it provides . For example, the water tower holds water for a small cemetery nearby, which can be placed on the ground.

But if the water tower is to store water for a large remote urban area, it will have to be very high and have a huge water tank. A standard water tower can hold up to 50 times the amount of water of a regular pool, ie about 76,000 to 114,000 liters of water, according to How Science Works.

For example, the water tower "The Giant Peach - The Giant Peach" in Gaffney, South Carolina, is a pretty tourist destination with a height of 46 meters, which holds up to 3.8 million liters of water, according to the Investigation Agency. US geology.

"Higher also means pressure on larger internal systems , " Inniss said.

Hydrological stations are often filled in when the demand for water is low, like at night. At this time, the pump from the water plants instead of going to the people's houses turned to the water tower to reserve.

Later, during peak hours in the morning, when everyone needed water for the needs of brushing their teeth and washing coffee, this amount of water was stored together with water from water treatment plants. will meet enough.

Picture 2 of Uses of the water tower
Corn-shaped radio station in Rochester, Minnesota, USA.(Photo: 10 Most Today).

Hydropower stations can also secure water supply during a power outage. At this time, the pumps at the water plants may stop working without using generators. The water in the elevated water towers is due to the availability of storage capacity, so there is no need for much electricity to flow from the storage tank.

In big cities like New York, many apartments and office buildings have a water tower located right on the roof. They not only serve the immediate needs but also become a symbol of several cities.

Many hydromassage stations are as artistic as a tomato sauce bottle in Collinsville, Illinois or a corn-shaped radio station in Rochester, Minnesota.

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