Vegetables are good for pneumonia

In addition to the main dishes used in meals, patients with pneumonia should increase the supplement prepared from vegetables, tubers, fruits to enhance immunity, against pathogens.

Food and drink should be used at the onset from 1 to 2 days with common symptoms such as fever, cold fear, low sweat or no sweating, headache, cough, little talk, dry mouth thirst, short breath, fold, chest pain, thin white tongue moss, red tongue.

Water juice

Carambola slices 50g. 1.5 teaspoon lemon juice. White sand sugar 1 tablespoon. A little salt. Boiled water to cool half a cup.

Put it all in a smoothie. Using soft drinks, cooling, antipyretic, anti-cough for coughing.

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The fruit juice from the star fruit has a refreshing, cooling, antipyretic, anti-fever effect, and is good for pneumonia patients.(Photo:

Lemon basil with alum sugar

Fresh 20g lemon basil leaves washed and chopped. Alum sugar (or honey) 20g. Put two things in a bowl of glassware or a bowl of glass, bring the water way. Take water to drink. Slowly take small sips, sucking in the mouth, sucking water.

Drink a ladder every day, continuously for 3-5 days.

Steamed lemon with alum sugar

Lemon 2 fruits, alum sugar (or honey) 50g.

Lemon washed, sliced, put into a bowl of glassware or glass bowl, along with alum sugar, steamed the water. Use to eat little by little.

You can also get some lemons, wash them thoroughly, cut thinly, put the skin and seeds together, mix with alum sugar, steam rice. Eat before meals for a few days. Eat twice a day as well.

Or used: Lime 2 left, washed peeled, removed seeds, thinly sliced, marinated with salt for about 12 hours. Eat or swallow water.

Steamed lemon technology

Fresh lemon with a fruit, fresh turmeric 20g, 5g sugar, 2g salt.

Grated turmeric, mixed with salt, sugar, lemon in a bowl of glassware or glass bowl, steamed with rice. Eat before meals, once a day.

Fresh onion cooked pear

Fresh onion 7 trees (both leaves and roots), 1 fruit, white sugar 50g.

Wash onions, chopped, pear peeled, sliced. Put two things in a saucepan, cook with 500 ml of water, boil for 5 minutes, then add sugar to mix.

Use water for medicine, onions and pears, 2-3 times a day.

Luffa tea, honey

12g melon flower is washed, braked with boiling water in a closed container, after about 15 minutes, it can be used, add 30 g of honey.

Use tea instead of tea during the day, each day to use 2 scales.

Tea of ​​river bones, strawberry leaves

River bones, mulberry leaves, mint leaves, each are 20g. All washed, cooked to drink warm water (every 30 minutes to drink).

River bony leaves, chives with honey

6g river bone leaves, chives 6g leaves, honey 50g, white sugar 20g. Two things are washed, chopped, put into gourmet cups with white sugar, honey. Bring the steaming to the rice cooker, when ripe, bring it to cool, take the medicine to drink, divide 4-5 times a day.

Mixed vegetable juices

Vegetable celery 50g, 100g vegetable lettuce, 100g cabbage. Three things washed, chopped. Peppers 1 chopped fruit. Bananas from a single fruit (Siamese banana or old banana are fine) chopped.

Put it all in a blender, squeeze water 2-3 times a day on a hungry day.

Tomato juice - celery vegetables

1 left tomato, 100g celery, lemon juice 1 tablespoon, 100ml cold boiled water.

Tomato washed, cut small pieces. Celery is washed and cut short. Add tomatoes and celery to the blender with water to puree. After grinding, add lemon juice to drink (cases without diabetes can add a little sugar or honey for easy drinking).

Needed tea, red apple

Tea 3g, celery 150g, red apple 2 fruits.

Washed celery vegetables, red apples washed off the seeds. Add all to the cooking pot with 1 liter of water, 750ml of color, and drink tea instead of tea during the day.

Dishes and drinks should be used in the global stage with symptoms such as high fever, no sweating, coughing up yellow sputum, or blood, dry mouth, thirst, difficulty breathing, swollen nose, chest pain more, dry yellow tongue, pink tongue.

Honeysuckle tea, honey

30g of honeysuckle is washed, cooked with 500ml of water for 15 minutes, then remove the residue, mix 50g of honey. Split drink 2-3 times a day.

Mixed tea, honey

Compound of 30g cleansing, separating zone. 50g honey. Two things are mixed and steamed. Divide eat 2 times a day. Using 7 days is a procedure.

Tea with three flowers

Star fruit 15g, male papaya flower 15g, honeysuckle 12g, rock sugar (or honey) 15g. Flower star fruit, papaya flower, clean honeysuckle, along with alum sugar, into a bowl of water with little filtered water, put in a pot with water, cover tightly, distilled water, to boil small, as long as possible. Divide twice a day.

For small children, give a gradual oral infusion at the tip of the tongue, from little to much (1/2 teaspoon). When giving the baby a drink, raise the baby's head slightly higher than the abdomen, to avoid choking, vomiting, and vomiting. Use your hand to gently stroke the child's abdomen to the navel.

Fragrance (pineapple), pear

Half-hearted aroma, 1 left pear, medium sugar or honey, 1 little salt, filtered water.

Scrape off the shell and eyes, pear peel, two pieces of diced seeds, add water to puree and add sugar or honey to stir, add some salt.

Effect to soothe nerves, heat, laxative, except cough, help the body resist heat testing of the summer, add water and mineral salts, vitamins for the body, protect the skin is always cool .

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