Water scabies: Expression, cause and treatment

In fact, many people believe that scabies has long been destroyed especially in big cities, however, many cases of scabies are misdiagnosed.

Existing scabies is still a common and dangerous disease? Is there any way to treat scabies most thoroughly for scabies to never recur? Please join us in this article.

In fact, many people believe that scabies has long been eradicated, especially in large cities, however, many cases of scabies are misdiagnosed. So how is scabies, scabies and how to treat water scabies?

Water scabies

Water scabies is scabies that causes vesicles caused by scabies parasites (Sarcoptes scabie hominis). Scabies parasites Sarcoptes scabie hominis (female scabies) 0.3 - 0.5mm long with dirty white color, with 4 legs, 2 forelegs attached to suction cups, the hind legs with long hairs can mobile.

This scabies will burrow in the horn layer then lay eggs. The cycle of more than 20 days of scabies parasites will mature, after 3 months the female scabies parasites can produce 150 million children.

The disease is often found in densely populated, cramped, poor sanitary conditions.

Picture 1 of Water scabies: Expression, cause and treatment Photo 1 of Water scabies: Expression, cause and treatment
Water scabies is scabies that causes vesicles caused by scabies parasites.

Symptoms of water scabies

Water scabies will go through the following stages:

  • Early stage: The patient has almost no detectable scabies in the body until about 1 week of infection. Then the patient will itch, much itching at night and itching less during the day.
  • The following stage: The lesions appear more fully like the appearance of zigzag lines, chi-shaped, gray-white, a few mm long. The head of the cavity is a 1-2mm blister, where the parasite is hiding.

After that, the patient scratches the skin, scratches the scab, darkening scar.

The positions are often called interstitial fingers, wrist cuffs, elbows, front armpits, around navel, creases . in men may appear in the foreskin, in women need attention in the knob Breasts, children need attention to the feet.

If not treated for prolonged illness can cause dangerous complications such as scabies infection (in addition to the appearance of pustules also appear), scabies of skin inflammation (more red skin appears), long-term dermatitis most likely to eczema and the most dangerous is the scabies infection with acute glomerulonephritis.

The most effective ways to treat scabies

The correct way to diagnose the disease is to look at the skin with a magnifying glass, catch the scabies, scrape the scabies and blisters. Then one of the following ways to treat scabies can be applied:

How to cure water scabies with Western medicine:

Some water repellent medications used to treat scabies are: Diethylphtalate (DEP), Gama benzene hydrochoride 1% (Lindana), Permethrine 5% (Elimite), Benzoate de benzyl 25% (Ascabiol), .

How to treat DEP scabies: This is a colorless, odorless and odorless medicine that does not irritate the skin.

Usage : Apply to skin lesions 2-3 times / day, apply before bedtime. Note only on lesions, do not apply large areas, do not apply to the mucosa, not to stick to the eyes.

Remedies for scabies of sulfur salts: After showering, wipe the area and apply ointment to the scabrous skin, about 24 hours after applying for the second time. Use about 10% for children and 30% for adults.

Scabies treatment Eurax cream: This is a medicine that works against itching, killing scabies, lice. Dosage: topical 2-3 times / day. Before applying it can be cleaned, just apply a thin layer. Do not use for watery, sensitive people. Not recommended for pregnant, enclosed areas such as nipples and children under 30 months of age.

Topical cream for cream or Kwell solution , just apply 1-2 times.

The treatment of scabies when scabies is infected requires additional colorants. Or if dermatitis scabies requires additional treatment of the dermatitis.

In addition to the above treatment of scabies, patients need to use other systemic drugs such as histamine antibiotics, vitamins B, C .

How to cure water scabies with Oriental medicine

Cure water scabies with traditional medicine:

1 . Preparation: White pods with 50g of acorns, 50g of fruit, 100ml of sesame oil (peanut oil).

How to do it: Thin, sliced ​​bark, crunchy star. The seeds are also crunchy. Then smooth the two tablets and mix it with high sesame oil (peanut oil) and apply 1-2 times on the scabies wound.

2 . Preparation: Roots, leaves, ants stalks (20g), roots of buffalo tree (20g), white wine 45 degrees 100ml.

The medicine cut, pounded, soaked in 1 week then used on the cheap place twice a day morning and evening.

3 . Preparation: Dog blood seeds (50g), sesame oil (100ml) or peanut oil.

How to do it: Take the peanut dog blood, boil it with sesame oil (peanut oil) for 15 minutes then let it cool. Apply to scabies on 1-2 times / day.

4 . Preparation: 25g Bo Hoang.

Black star dove then sprinkle it on the itch on 1-2 times until the scabies is itchy, not sores.

5 . Preparation: longan bark (120g), betel leaf no 60g, alum 20g.

The bark of the longan is thin, the betel leaves are not crumpled, and then put into the pot to boil with 400ml of 100ml water. After that, filter the residue into the bottle, apply it twice a day in the morning and evening.

6 . Preparation: 30g vegetables, oval leaves (20), peach leaves (10g)

All of them are washed, pounded and put into a glass jar soaked with 3 cups of white wine. Leave the solution in a bottle overnight. Then take this solution to apply to the scabies skin 3-4 times a day.

7 . Preparation: 30g of betel leaves, 20g of peach leaves, 10g of young oval leaves, 10g of vegetables. All pounded, squeezed the juice to apply to the scabies on 3-4 times.

Picture 2 of Water scabies: Expression, cause and treatment Photo 2 of Water scabies: Expression, cause and treatment
It is possible to use betel leaves without squeezing the water into the scabies.

8 . Preparation: a handful of fresh big ball leaves, wild rose leaves

Wash off all two types of leaves, crush them, squeeze the thickened juice.

Cure water scabies with bath medicine

  • Treatment of water scabies with peach leaves: Peach leaves are washed, bathing water daily helps disinfect, kill female scabies.
  • Treatment of root water scabies with a single army leaf: The fresh general army leaf, washed, cut, boiled with 5 liters of water. Bathe when the water is still warm, once a day, for 3-5 days the water scabies will dry out the mouth and get better quickly.


  • Only apply to damaged skin, do not apply to the mucosa and avoid applying it to the eyes.
  • Only apply after cleaning, change into new clothes.
  • Avoid rubbing, scratching when itching because it can cause dermatitis, superinfection.
  • Clean living things like laundry, dry clothes, blankets, .
  • Do not share these items to avoid infecting your loved ones.
  • Depending on the extent and nature of the lesion, it is necessary to apply medication, take medicine as prescribed by the dermatologist, especially in pregnancy, children under 2 years old.
  • Detect and treat early enough time right after the first signs of the disease.
  • Treat at the same time both the sick and the people living together.

Scabies can appear in any locality, including urban areas, so it should not be subjective to prolonged illness.