Why are fruit flies so much and so difficult to destroy?

Summer, when the weather is warmer, is also the time when the fruit flies flock. Common fruit flies , also known as fruit flies , have the scientific name of Drosophila melanogaster. They are attracted to the smell of fruit, mold and the stench created by microorganisms. You can set flies to kill flies but they will return soon if the house is not cleaned up.

There seems to be some kind of magical power among the flies. As soon as the weather began to warm up, fruit flies from nowhere appeared. They are everywhere, from the trash to the fruit platter in the house. And once they have arrived, they will buzz there forever, no matter how the owner beats, chases, or beats them. Flies can not suddenly invade your home with hideous size even more. So, where do they come from? Why is it so hard to destroy?

For common fruit flies, thanks to the small antenna on the top of the head, they can smell food from more than 1km away. These antennas are responsible for sniffing, and pay special attention to chemicals like acetic acid found in rotten fruit. Once they are noticed by the scent, it's almost impossible to kick them out of the house. The reason is because the fruit flies are very small , only equal to sesame seeds, so they can easily go through any cracks or crevices into the house. Not necessarily attracted to the smell of fruit, they are actually tracing the source of the scent, namely molds or certain "delicious" microorganisms.

From the moment the flies decide to land to enjoy the party, chasing them is even more difficult. Are you wondering why you almost never come across a single fruit fly? That's because they have an extremely short life cycle. A female fly can lay up to 100 eggs a day. These eggs take less than 24 hours to hatch into maggots. The maggots then burrow under the skin of the fruit, eating into the rotting area as they scoop up microorganisms. After a few days, they turned into adult fruit flies. The whole process of forming a fruit fly takes only 11 - 12 days. That's why from a wandering fly, within two weeks, the house has been attacked by a bunch of flies.

At this point, you may try to beat each fly. But this act of beating flies is not easy, even if it does not bring any results because the fruit flies are fugitive masters . They have observation angles of up to 270 degrees. Therefore, they can see you from all directions: before, after, left, right; and when they realize that they are about to be attacked, they will calculate the angle you attack to plan to escape first. It all happened in a mere 100 milliseconds. Scientists have discovered this by observing how a resting fly adjusts its footing position when it senses danger. For example, if your hand is facing forward, the fly will move its middle legs forward, lean back slightly and raise your legs, the position that allows them to take off very quickly.

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Traps for fruit flies.

It was when they were still resting, while they were hovering in the air, killing them was no easier. Fruit flies can change the direction of flight within 1/100 second and quickly accelerate by beating 200 times per second. Not bad for a tiny brain, even smaller than a housefly. So, how to get rid of these flies? Some experts suggest trapping. The trap was created by pouring 2cm of apple cider vinegar into a jar, placing a funnel on the flock's mouth instead of the lid, and then sealing the tape around the gap between the mouth of the jar and the funnel so that no flies could pass through. . The flies find their prey very quickly, but they are not smart enough to find the hole they have entered.

However, the key here is not just to set traps. Even if we were to trap the last fly, the fruit fly would still be at risk of reappearing, as long as they had food. Unfortunately, flies are not picky. In addition to their favorite rotten fruit, they also show great interest in wine and other fermented liquids, as long as the food is full of bacteria, including even a little slime that accumulates in the sink. bowl. So, to really get rid of flies, the only way you can do is to clean your house .

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