Why can rockets fly?

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Kibalchich revolutionary (Photo: penza) In this regard, even some people who have studied physics explain mistakes. They thought that the missile could fly because it pushed into the air the gas that the explosive produced when it burned. But in fact, the cause of the rocket flying up is completely different.

Because, if the missile launches in an air-free space, it will fly faster than in air space. Thus, the air is not a fulcrum for rockets to fly up.

The revolutionary Kibalchich presented this reason in a simple and understandable way in his autograph written before he died because of the military missile he developed as follows:

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Delta II missile (Photo: NASA)

'Squeeze the dynamite into a cylinder, have a wide groove lying along the axis, then place this explosive into a tinplate (with a sealed end and an open end). Explosives start to burn from the surface of the groove and gradually over a certain period of time spread to the outside of the explosive. The gases produced when a combustion explosive will cause pressure on all sides, but the pressure of the gas is balanced, while the pressure on the open bottom of the iron pipe is not countered by the pressure. equals (because on this side the gases have a free exit), so it pushes the rocket forward. '

Here, the phenomenon happens just like when shooting cannons.When the bullet rushed forward, the gun body jerked back . You probably remember the 'jerky' of the rifle or in general of any other gun. If a cannon is suspended in the air without leaning anywhere, after firing a shot, it will be pushed back at a certain speed. The gun is heavier than the bullet how many times its speed is smaller than the speed of the bullet many times.

The missile is also a type of cannon, but it doesn't release bullets but spits explosive gases. The explosive itself, when burnt, generates pressure, pushing the missile back in the opposite direction of the compressed air. Here, this reverse direction is directed towards the sky.

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