Why did corona virus mortality and infection rate skyrocket in China after just one day?

Health authorities in Hubei province - China on February 13 recorded 14,840 new cases of Covid-19, nearly 10 times higher than the number reported the day before . The number of new deaths has increased to 242, more than doubling in just one day.

New figures bring the total number of cases and deaths in Hubei province to 48,206 and 1,310, respectively. To date, the total number of new corona virus-related infections globally is 60,062 and the number of deaths is 1,363.

Picture 1 of Why did corona virus mortality and infection rate skyrocket in China after just one day?
Caring for patients infected with Covid-19 (new strain of corona virus) at a hospital in Wuhan.(Photo: REUTERS).

Explaining the spike in numbers, the Hubei Provincial Health Commission said it had changed the diagnostic criteria used to confirm new cases , which came into effect on February 13. This means that it is up to the doctors to decide which patients are infected.

In a statement released on February 13, the Hubei Provincial Health Committee said: 'From today, we will add the number of clinically diagnosed images through images to the number of newly diagnosed cases. determined by laboratory methods'.

Previously, patients suspected of coronary virus infection could only be diagnosed with test kits but currently lacking a serious supply.

Thus, after using the new statistical method, the number of new cases of Hubei as of February 13 is 14,840 cases, of which 13,332 cases are identified by new methods. The number of new deaths in Hubei was 242, of which 135 were identified by the new method. In addition, a total of 3,41 patients recovered, being discharged from hospital in Hubei since the outbreak.

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