Why did cyclone swept away a wood workshop in Vinh Phuc in 5 minutes?

The expert explained that the weather changed quickly and quickly on the high temperature causing thunderstorms in Vinh Phuc and said that the wind in this tornado was the lowest at level 12.

Explaining this phenomenon, meteorological engineer Luu Minh Hai, Director of Lao Cai Meteorological Station, said that the mountainous area appeared rain from the night of 9/6, until the afternoon of 10/6, the area of ​​convergence of the sky is spreading. down to the Northern midland. Bad weather conditions include small, cold air that intensifies weakly to the North in combination with the high wind convergence zone, which occurs while the Northern weather is hot, causing it to deteriorate rapidly, causing rain. then a tornado in a thunderstorm .

Tornadoes may recur in the coming days

"The tornado phenomenon in Vinh Phuc is like a small tornado in the coastal area, in its structure, the wind is counterclockwise and the wind speed is very strong. I watched the clip that saw the wind blowing the house down was the lightest. the level must be above level 12 to happen because it takes the whole board to fly like a flock of birds, " Hai said.

According to experts, the whirlwind phenomenon has a radius of about a few dozen to 100 m and the path in the range of 0.5 - 1.5 km. Hai warned on June 13-14, the North was heavily influenced by the wind convergence zone . Therefore, people should pay attention to tornadoes, lightning, preventing heavy rain, especially landslides and high floods in mountainous areas.

Picture 1 of Why did cyclone swept away a wood workshop in Vinh Phuc in 5 minutes?
The wood workshop was devastated after the afternoon afternoon 10/6. (Photo: Hainan).

According to expert Le Dinh Quyet, Deputy Head of Hydro-meteorological Forecasting Department of the Southern region, the northern area currently has a trench connected to the western hot pressure, and the upper trench has a convergence. Such formations often produce phenomena of thunderstorms, lightning, gusts, whirlwinds.

C hui decided that a thunderstorm in Vinh Phuc afternoon on June 10 was not an abnormal weather phenomenon.

Mr. Quyet said that in the following days, the weather situation in the North will be complicated because the aforementioned low pressure channel will form another channel. Along with that, in addition to the South China Sea, there is a vortex from the Philippines pushing up the southwest wind. These factors make the weather both bad in the North and the South in the coming days and there may continue to be thunderstorms.

Where was the tornado born?

According to the General Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment), a cyclone is a strong cyclone phenomenon, occurring in a small range, tens to hundreds of meters, and exists for a short time. The cause of the tornado is the strong currents of hot air rising up high.

During hot summer days, the ground is unevenly heated, a certain area of ​​favorable heat absorption will be hotter, creating a reduced pressure zone and creating a stream of air, colder air around. overflowing to create a whirlwind, similar to a storm.

Picture 2 of Why did cyclone swept away a wood workshop in Vinh Phuc in 5 minutes?
The scene of a wooden workshop was swept away, causing 3 deaths. (Photo: Hainan).

The characteristic of cyclones is that the wind speed increases sharply in a clear time. Tornadoes also often occur in thunderstorm clouds, when convection thrives, the vertical temperature difference is large, causing the pressure to change suddenly, creating large swirling wind columns, capable of loading. go for a while, train cars, houses or boats of several tens of tons, accompanied by tornadoes often have thunderstorms and hail.

In our country, the whirlwind phenomenon usually occurs from April to August . In the North and North Central regions, tornadoes often occur in the summer, especially in the coastal areas. In the South, the whirlwind phenomena in the summer is not as much as in the North and the Central. Tornadoes, like tornadoes, occur very suddenly and operate in a short, unpredictable period.

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