9 storms occur at the same time, experts warn of 'abnormal'

Daily Mail on September 12 sharing a series of satellite images showing that many regions around the world are facing strong storms.

This series of satellite images shows that super typhoon Florence - approaching the US coast of North Carolina - is just one of nine storms moving around the world. The world is facing the risk of being attacked by 9 storms this week.

Picture 1 of 9 storms occur at the same time, experts warn of 'abnormal'
9 storms are moving to many different regions of the world.(Photo: Deadline News).

According to the satellite image above, Hurricane Helene and Hurricane Isaac are moving in the Atlantic while hurricane 95L is heading towards the Caribbean.

Hurricane Olivia is heading to Hawaii while tropical storm Paul is heading to the west coast of Mexico. At one point, Hurricane Olivia achieved winds of 160km / hour.

Typhoon 91W , Typhoon Mangkhut and Typhoon Barijat are in the Western Pacific and are likely to move to Southeast Asia.

According to hurricane experts, the occurrence of multiple storms at the same time in the Atlantic and Pacific is "unusual".

Hurricane Helene , at level 2, is unlikely to land on land. Instead, the storm is expected to drift into the Atlantic after it moves to colder waters.

Although weakened, tropical storm Isaac still has strong winds of 95km / hour. The US National Hurricane Center (NHC) is closely monitoring this tropical storm as it moves to the Caribbean.

According to NHC, Tropical Storm Isaac will move to the central area of ​​the Caribbean this weekend. This tropical storm will cause heavy rain and wind in many areas of the Antilles Islands, the Caribbean Sea.

Picture 2 of 9 storms occur at the same time, experts warn of 'abnormal'
Typhoon Florence, Isaac, and Helene are heading towards the Americas.According to experts, Typhoon Florence is likely to land on land.(Photo: Weather.com).

Nearby, the 95L storm is moving in the southern part of the Gulf of Mexico, causing rain and wind. Officials pay special attention to 95L because it can be directed to East Mexico and South Texas (USA) in the next few days.

Hurricane Barijat (Vietnam called No. 5 storm) is approaching the Luzon Strait, located between Taiwan and the Philippines. However, this is not the only storm predicted to land in the Philippines.

Super typhoon Mangkhut is also likely to attack the Philippines this week, causing flooding, landslides and large waves. Mangkhut has achieved at least 254km / hr and is considered the strongest storm to attack the Philippines this year.

"We worry about the lives of 10 million Filipinos living on the path of this terrible storm," said Richard Gordon, president of the Philippine Red Cross. Property damage caused by Mangkhut storm with the Philippines estimated at $ 250 million.

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