American explorer dives into the deepest ocean trench in the world

An American explorer successfully performed the deepest submarine dive to the bottom of the Mariana ocean trench and found nylon bags and candy pods.

Victor Vescovo passed the 10,927m journey to the bottom of the Challenger abyss , the southernmost point of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific on May 1. This is part of Victor's plan to explore all the deepest places in the 5 oceans.

The goal of the expedition was to map detailed sound waves at the deepest points in the oceans.

Performing nearly 11km diving trips to the sea floor, one of which lasted 4 hours, Victor set the record for the deepest solo diving. The previous record belonged to film director Titanic, James Cameron, 2012.

In addition to observing the four new species that can reveal the origin of life on Earth, Victor also sees a nylon bag and candy shell . Details of the journey were first announced on May 13.

Captured by the Discovery channel in the Five Deeps Expedition series, the goal of the expedition is to map detailed sound waves at the deepest points in the oceans, including the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Rico trenches. in the Atlantic Ocean, the South Sandwich groove is in the South Atlantic Ocean, the Java groove in the Indian Ocean and Molley's abyss in the Arctic. As expected, the exploration process will be completed in August 2019.

Challenger abyss findings include rock fringes that can be chemical deposits , super-large crustaceans and sea cucumbers. Scientists will examine organisms found to determine the rate of plastic waste in their bodies.