Chocolate can become a luxury item

A new study shows that cocoa production will decline sharply in the future due to global warming.

Cocoa is grown in West Africa region due to suitable climate and soil conditions. Ivory Coast and Ghana, two countries that provide about half of the world's cocoa production. However, the average cocoa production of these two countries will be reduced by 50% if the global temperature increases by 2.3 degrees from now until 2050.

Cocoa production declined sharply due to global warming

Peter Laderach, a member of the International Center for Agriculture - Tropical Affairs, said, "Chocolate will certainly be much more expensive if consumption demand increases while cocoa output is becoming less and less due to variable This situation can make chocolate gradually become a luxury product ".

A study by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said that political instability in the West African region recently pushed up chocolate prices by 10% on the exchange. At the same time, demand for cocoa increased while cocoa production declined, forcing retailers to continue to increase chocolate prices in the market.

Cadbury and Nestle, the two leading confectionery firms in the UK, have increased their retail price by 7%. Some products such as Dairy Milk, Kit Kat and Yorkie - double the inflation rate.

Cool climate is an ideal condition for cocoa to thrive. However, it is difficult to migrate cocoa trees to high land to get more favorable weather because the West African terrain is quite flat.

In addition to chocolate, some other products are also severely affected by the unusual and harsh changes of the climate: French wine and Italian pasta.