Discovered the 4,000-year-old stone slabs carving Atum

Archaeologists have discovered stone slabs of up to 4,000 years old engraved at the god of Atum in Egyptian Cairo . Atum is the supreme deity, the god of creation in Greek mythology.

The stones, discovered by researchers from Leipzig University, are made of limestone and have different dates.

The oldest stone is believed to be from the 12th Dynasty, while the remaining stones are from the 20th Dynasty, Transitional Period Tuesday, or more recently.

In particular, the researchers are excited to find lines that describe Atum, an important god.

One of the stones - (Photo from the Egyptian Antiquities).

Excavation site - (Photo from Egyptian Antiquities).

The stones are found in the Matariya area, Cairo - (Photo from the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry).

Atum is the creative god of ancient Egypt.

The inscription affirms that God Atum was the one responsible for making the Nile flooded into the Final Stage, from 664-332 BC.

Archaeologists from the Egyptian Antiquities Department hope this discovery will attract more tourists to come here.