The killer whale is three meters dead because of the storm blowing up the shore

The young may have died in pain after being blown up by the storm with winds of up to 145km / h.

A local resident spotted the young male whale on the west coast of the main island of the Shetland Islands in Scotland after nearly three weeks of storm Caroline landed here, Express on December 21 believe. The whale is about 2-3 years old and three meters long aground is thought to die due to dehydration or hard hitting the ground. The location found the animal at least 25 meters from the coast.

Picture 1 of The killer whale is three meters dead because of the storm blowing up the shore
The killer whale of the killer whale was blown to the shore.(Photo: Deadlines News).

According to the Hillswick Wildlife Reserve, the only animal relocation center on the island, the young killer whale can get lost from his mother due to the weather. The reserve has reported a landslide case to the Scottish Landlocking Marine Commission to conduct an autopsy.

"On December 21, we found bodies in Shetland waters this year. It was an immature male that was swept away by the shore of Caroline a week ago. We sent samples to the Commission. Marine animals stranded in Scotland and will conduct a full examination to determine the cause of the animal's death , " the reserve said.

"This case is sad. We thought it was blown to the shore in the storm of Caroline while still alive. There are no other killer whales around Scottish waters outside Shetland," said a spokesperson for the reserve. know.

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