1,600-year-old amethyst gold ring

The Roman ring was discovered by a metal detector in a farmer's field in Broxted, Essex County.

Picture 1 of 1,600-year-old amethyst gold ring
1,600-year-old amethyst gold ring.(Photo: BBC).

After conducting an investigation, a court in Essex confirmed that the gold-studded gemstone was a treasure, meaning the discoverer had to hand it over to the museum and receive a certain amount of money back, the BBC reported today. The ring was made around 300-399, the end of the Roman period of British rule, said Sophie Flynn, an expert at the Colchester Museum.

"The small size of the ring shows that it was a jewelry for a woman, or a young man. In Roman times, the British used this type of ring. They both made and imported it from their own. elsewhere in the Roman Empire, " Flynn said.

Rome invaded England in 43, succeeded in 84 and ruled until 410. During this period, Britain was heavily influenced by Roman architecture and construction.

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