5 natural ways to clean the air at home

You use beeswax candles, activated carbon, plant trees, essential oils to help the house become airy, fresh air.

Increase ventilation

Ventilation reduces humidity, but does not mean opening all windows so that outdoor air can enter the living space. Instead, install small vents to clean and enjoy the fresh air in the house. It is possible to use an exhaust fan to bring out the polluted air.

Wax candles

Picture 1 of 5 natural ways to clean the air at home
Wax candles have the effect of purifying indoor air.(Photo: Food TV).

Beeswax candles act as natural air purifiers, ionize the air and neutralize toxic compounds. Besides improving air quality at home, candles burn slowly so you don't need to replace them regularly.

In fact, pure beeswax candles burn almost without smoke or scent, especially useful for asthmatics and eliminate common allergens like dust from the air. Avoid using paraffin oil-based candles.

Activated carbon

A great way to clean indoor air is activated carbon. It is odorless, absorbs high and effectively removes airborne toxins.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants can purify the air, protecting you from toxins such as ammonia, formaldehydes and benzene.


Essential oils such as cinnamon, oregano, rosemary, thyme, grapefruit, clove, clean the environment, remove viruses, fungi, bacteria and even mold in the house.

Research from Weber State University, shows that essential oils can kill 99.96% of airborne bacteria. Researchers recommend that you do not smoke indoors, clean your feet, remove shoes outside the door, clean the air conditioner . help the indoor air more clean.

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