Ancient men treat baldness with ... chicken manure

In the 17th century in England, medicine chests of gentlemen will be indispensable for items such as cat feces, blood slugs and chicken manure, not to mention arsenic and sulfur. It sounds horrible, but they are drugs that treat all diseases like baldness, armpit and belching.

These strange remedies were recorded in The Path Way To Health , a 17th-century newspaper like Men's Health magazine today. One of the first issues of this ancient magazine will be auctioned at Oxford in October with a starting price of £ 400.

The following is a common cure for the time:


According to author Peter Levens, the best way to recover hair is: "take the ash of the pigeon stool (chicken) into alkaline water, then wash your hair with the solution. Also, walnut leaves are crushed with fat. Also, the leaves and oak bark of the leaves are boiled with water, washing the hair with the water will be very good. "


Picture 1 of Ancient men treat baldness with ... chicken manure

Portrait of 17th century men (Photo: Artalacarte)

To remove hair from unwanted places: "Take the shell of 2 eggs, smash them, heat them with low heat, then take the fillings up to the necessary place. Or collect cat litter, dry them and mix them with flour, boil Go up with vinegar, then wash on the spot where you need to shave. "

Or put blood on it, it will prevent hair from growing back.

Foul mouth

There are many ways to cure bad breath. One is gargling with water and vinegar, followed by a mixture of star anise, mint and clove with wine.


With an unpleasant body odor: "First, spit armpit hair, rinse with white wine and rose water. Do it 3-4 times."


To avoid creating this hard-to-hear sound, drink a mixture of cumin seeds, Asian spoons and anise seeds along with alcohol 3 times / day.

The cover page of the newspaper sees this as a revolution, with the caption: "Here will be proven miraculous remedies, including drugs, solutions, and child health menus. people, never published ".