Producing electricity from chicken manure

A chicken breeding company in China has found a way to turn chicken manure into electricity and supply it to Beijing's grid.

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A chicken farm in China.Photo:

The company called DQY Ecological Farm feeds about 3 million chickens and emits 80,000 tons of dung each year. The facility installed biogas generators in August last year to generate electricity and heat from chicken manure. As a result, they do not have to use coal in electricity production, while cutting up to 95,000 tons of CO 2 emissions each year.

With a total capacity of 14,600 MW per hour per year, the company can meet the energy needs of 10,000 households. Gu Qing, DQY Ecological Farm vice president, said the company will replicate this model in other parts of the country. This is a 100% foreign-owned company and accounts for 71% of the egg market in Beijing.