Australia produces 'fairy medicine' that extends the lives of people suffering from internal injuries

Australian scientists are developing a new drug that can extend the survival of seriously injured people from the current 20 hours to 3 days, creating an opportunity to save lives.

Although the project was funded by the US military for the purpose of serving heavily wounded soldiers on the battlefield, it was also considered a good news for ordinary people.

If included in civilian health activities, the drug could save lives from serious accidents in remote areas such as shark attacks or obstetric complications.

Picture 1 of Australia produces 'fairy medicine' that extends the lives of people suffering from internal injuries
Professor Geoffrey Dobson is the head of the professors at James Cook - (Screenshot).

According to Professor Geoffrey Dobson of James Cook University's Department of Pharmacy and Dentistry (JCU), the drug was developed from the idea of ​​slowing metabolism, thereby reducing the rate of energy consumption, helping to prolong "biological time" for patients.

"Time is the only real killer. Biological time is related to the metabolic rate and life span of the body," Dobson explained on Chinese Xinhua on August 8.

"If small animals have a fast pace with a metabolic rate comparable to a racing car Formula I and larger mammals have a metabolic rate equivalent to a tractor then the speed of giving Metabolism in humans is between these two thresholds, " explained the Australian professor.

Therefore, developing a drug that slows metabolic processes in different parts of the body will help prolong precious biological time and increase survival for seriously injured patients while Waiting for rescue.

In a study published in the Journal of Injury Surgery , Professor Dobson and colleagues found that the drug affects metabolism in some important parts of the body, including the brain. and heart.

This improves oxygen transport and can help extend the patient's survival by 3 to 7 days, or even longer.

It is expected that this drug will be tested on the human body in a few years.

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