Da Mi solar power project uses a 'Made in Vietnam' floating buoy

The buoy system was first implemented in the country with the water level fluctuating in the hydroelectric lake from 4m to 40m.

The floating buoy system is designed, manufactured and applied by the Institute of Mechanical Research (Narime) of the Ministry of Industry and Trade at the Da Mi Floating Solar Power Plant Project with a total surface area of ​​56.65 hectares, scale of total designed capacity of 47.5 MWp, electricity output of about 70 million kWh / year. The project of installing 143,940 solar panels on an area of ​​50 hectares of Da Mi hydroelectric lake, located in La Ngau commune (Tanh Linh district) and Da Mi and La Da communes (Ham Thuan Bac district), province Binh Thuan.

Picture 1 of Da Mi solar power project uses a 'Made in Vietnam' floating buoy
Workers inspect the buoy system at the Da Mi Floating Solar Power Plant Project.

Instead of placing solar panels on the ground, when placed on the water will give higher performance due to evaporative cooling water. However, this method is more difficult because it requires the durability of floating materials and fluctuations of the water level on the lakes. At that time, it required researches on floating materials, the plan of floating rafting, the plan of anchoring in the lake.

From this fact, the Mechanical Research Institute has focused on researching and mastering the technology of designing and manufacturing floating and anchoring systems for solar power projects. The Institute has organized specialized engineers to participate in researching and surveying solar power plants invested in China, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, France, Taiwan and finding suitable and appropriate solutions. in accordance with domestic conditions.

So far, the Institute's research team has successfully designed anchoring systems for the project and are confident to calculate the anchor systems with greater levels of water level fluctuations.

Picture 2 of Da Mi solar power project uses a 'Made in Vietnam' floating buoy
The mooring buoy system was completely installed on Da Mi lake.

Experts assessed, the design, manufacturing and installation of the Vietnamese floating buoy system for the project marked a new milestone achieved by the domestic science and technology industry. Specifically, the calculation and design of floats is difficult due to the lack of standards for calculation, design and product testing of Vietnam. In particular, the design calculations related to product durability of the project up to 25 years under extreme conditions.

The results of the project show the Institute's direction in the field of developing new and renewable energy products. In particular, combining the research results of foreign countries with the research and application efforts of domestic units to create a Vietnamese branded product.

According to the assessment of the Clean Energy Association, Vietnam is one of the countries with the most sunshine in the world solar radiation map. On average, the total solar radiation ranges from 4.3 to 5.7 million kWh. In the Central Highlands and South Central provinces, the number of sunny hours is quite high, reaching 2,000-2,600 hours / year. The average solar radiation is 150 kcal / m2, accounting for about 2,000-5,000 hours / year.

The country has more than 30 floating solar power projects promoted by domestic and foreign investors. Solar power projects with capacity from 20MW to over 300MW are concentrated mainly in the Central, Central Highlands and the South.

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