Diet for throat cancer patients

For patients with throat cancer, nutrition is an indispensable issue in curing cancer. Let's take a look at the diet, nutrition for patients with throat cancer like.

What patients should eat to support the best treatment.

A well-balanced diet is essential, good eating will have a positive effect on the health of patients . For patients with nasopharyngeal cancer, eating and drinking is a very difficult problem because the food must go through the throat and then go to the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal tract, but when the throat is cancer, then eat or The feeling of swallowing will make the patient very painful.

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For patients with throat cancer need to pay close attention to the nutritional ingredients , it is necessary to provide a plan for patients with throat cancer. The fact has shown that the role of nutrients plays an important role in the treatment and recovery of health of patients with throat cancer , can help patients recover faster after surgery. , improve tolerance to radiotherapy, improve immune system, avoid infection and complications.

  1. Eat foods that are frugal , work to prevent ulcers, detoxify heat such as arhat, code, pig, spinach, bitter melon.
  2. Light and easy-to-digest foods are a wise choice for throat cancer menus, such as cream soups, soups made from finely ground vegetables, you can also use refined grains. processing, pasta, yogurt, white cheese. In it, pureed soup will make it easier to put food in.
  3. Eat nutritious , easy-to-digest foods , especially to provide adequate protein and vitamins. Food should be diverse and must have enough color, smell, and taste to increase appetite for patients. Eat frugal foods, avoid oily foods. When you don't want to eat, you can add some appetizer foods that increase your appetite for the patient and should break down into several meals.
  4. Diet after surgery : after surgery, throat cancer patients should eat almonds, pear juice, sugarcane juice, carrot juice, apple juice, kiwi juice .
  5. Diet when radiotherapy : should eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and can eat mushrooms cooked beans, pig liver soup with spinach . Diet when chemotherapy: choose the right kind of food sound like carp, white ear wood, mushroom, bird nest, sunflower, pear, almond . People with throat cancer should split into many meals in one day instead of 3 meals, eat small pieces to make it easier more resistant to the throat even if it is soft food, the mashed or blended food will make swallowing easier. Experts also recommend that you sit upright or adjust your head while eating. Fish, meat such as poultry, beef tenderloin, eggs and peanut butter are also allowed to use, providing enough protein needed for the body's activity.

Diet in daily life and during treatment should pay attention to balanced nutrition , enhance the body's immunity, and play an important role in the recovery of health for patients.

When the patient has difficulty eating and drinking. Look for soft, easily digested foods to relieve the pain of throat cancer patients.

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