Discover fossil eggs of the mysterious dinosaur

In 1965, fossilized remains of a dinosaur egg were found in Japan. Recently, the press quoted experts as saying that it was the fossil of the new dinosaur.

Mainichi said the archaeologists confirmed the fossilized egg of a new species of dinosaur called Multifissoolithus shimonosekiensis. The research article was published March 16 in an academic journal published by the authors of Fukui University University and the Fukui Prefectural Museum of Dinosaurs.

The Fukui Prefectural Museum of Dinosaurs is known as a major center in Japan, specializing in research on extinct species.

According to the March 16 announcement of the Shimonoseki city government, the fossil egg was found in September 1965 by Yoshiharu Shimizu, a high school boy in the upper Ayaragi River, located in Shimonoseki City. Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.

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Model reconstructing dinosaur egg based on debris found in 1965. (Photo: Mainichi).

Shimizu took pictures and outlined the findings. After that, the male students kept them at home. In early 2017, Fukui Prefectural University accidentally discovered Shimizu's documents and began conducting an investigation about a strange egg.

Fossil eggs are about 10 cm in size. According to the study, it is estimated to be 100 to 200 million years old, dating from the Early Cretaceous period.

The article by Fukui University University also mentioned that similar fossil eggs were found in Zhejiang, China and Gyeonggi provinces, South Korea. However, the fossil that Shimizu discovered was different in that the eggshell was 3 mm thicker than the others and its surface had a wide crack.

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The rest of the egg turns into.Based on these fragments, the team concludes that this is the dinosaur egg of an entirely new species.(Photo: Mainichi).

For this reason, the archeological team concludes that the remaining vestiges constitute a new species of dinosaur . Dinosaurs lay eggs of medium or large size. However, the conclusion is still not conclusive and there are many points of uncertainty.

Associate Professor Takuya Imai (Dinosaur Research Institute of Fukui University), a member of the authors, said: 'Maybe at that time, the dinosaurs of the same species we found in Japan also lived in China. Korea and Korea ".

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