Doodle today honors the first Chinese-American movie star in Hollywood

Today (January 22, 2020), Doodle google posted an image celebrating the first Chinese-American movie star in Hollywood, Anna May Wong.

Anna May Wong (Hoang Lieu Suong) is an American actress, considered to be Hollywood's first Chinese-American movie star, and also the first internationally-recognized Chinese-American actress.

Doodle google posted a commemorative picture of Anna May Wong, on the 98th anniversary of the release of The Toll of the Sea (1922), this is also the first film she starred.

Picture 1 of Doodle today honors the first Chinese-American movie star in Hollywood
The first Chinese-American movie star in Hollywood, Anna May Wong

In the silent film "The Toll of the Sea" she plays an Asian woman who falls in love with the white man and gives everything to her. Anna May Wong has received many compliments from popular newspapers and magazines like Variety and The New York Times. It is recognized that this young girl's talent for acting as well as her ability to express words without words.

Picture 2 of Doodle today honors the first Chinese-American movie star in Hollywood
Featured in the Doodle slideshow are images of her life, especially some of her famous roles in more than 50 films she has participated in throughout her career.

Anna May Wong, whose real name is Wong Liu Tsong, was born on January 3, 1905 in a Chinese neighborhood in Los Angeles, USA. She is the daughter of a laundromat owner, of the 3rd generation Chinese people in the United States.

The Wong family teaches their children both English and Cantonese. When not at school or at Sam Sam Kee's laundry parlor, Wong began to spend time hanging out in the studios and asking directors. By age 11, she chose her stage name Anna May Wong.

With his role in the silent movie "The Toll of the Sea", Wong became famous but due to racial discrimination and discrimination at that time, Wong still has not been widely recognized by filmmakers. She can only be invited for supporting roles, roles with low status or even senseless as mannequins, characters that are not very sympathetic, not emotional .

At the age of 19, Anna made an impression on the audience with her emotional acting through the role of a Mongolian slave in "The Thief of Bagdad" (1924). That same year, she also achieved success as Eskimos in "The Alaskan" and Tiger Lily in "Peter Pan".

However, she moved to Europe in 1928 to develop her career and starred in many plays and movies, such as Piccadilly (1929) and Flame of Love (1930).

Picture 3 of Doodle today honors the first Chinese-American movie star in Hollywood
Google Doodle honors Anna May Wong.

With the acclaim of the European press as well as Anna's achievements here, Hollywood filmmakers began to recognize this film talent. The proof is Paramount Picture has asked her to sign many promising leads. In 1930, Wong marked his return to the US with the play "On the spot" which resonated on Broadway. A year later, she continued to demonstrate her talent by bringing the powerful role in Paramount's "Daughter of the Dragon" .

After that, Anna Wong focused on business but her love for cinema was always burning. In 1960, Wong produced two films himself, "Flower Drum Song" and "The World of Suzie Wong". Unfortunately, Anna May Wong has permanently made an appointment with fans. Before the two films were released to the public, after a sudden heart attack, Anna May Wong passed away in 1961 when the project movie cherished were still unfinished.

Throughout her acting career, Anna has appeared in more than 60 films and plays. Although she has not won a film award yet, people still have to give Anna May Wong a star on the Walk of Fame for her dedication.

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