Dust storm like 'doomsday' hits town in Australia

A terrible dust storm hit an Australian town and created a scene like "doomsday". 

A huge dust storm accompanied by winds of 110 km/h has swept many areas in the Australian state of Queensland. In some places, dust storms swept through, the sky even turned red.

A video was recorded by a local named Leaim Shaw and quickly attracted the attention of the online community. The video captures the scene from various angles of the town of Boulia, which was "swallowed" by a dust storm on December 19. The terrible image of the dust storm makes many people think of the post-apocalyptic movie "Mad Max". The town of Boulia is inhabited by only about 300 people.

Locals say this is the biggest dust storm they've seen in years. The sky turned red and the howling winds shook houses, while people tried to find shelter in place.

Picture 1 of Dust storm like 'doomsday' hits town in Australia
A giant dust storm swallows the town of Boulia.

Mr. Shaw said it was the biggest dust storm he had seen since moving to the remote town of Boulia.

'We are so used to small-scale dust storms. But on the afternoon of December 19, it was the biggest dust storm since I came here to live. It scared me a little bit,' Mr Shaw said.

Meteorologists emphasized that the unusually large dust storm was caused by a series of thunderstorms in the area. Parts of Queensland also experienced heavy rain and cold weather after the dust cloud passed.

"Hurricanes are disorganized, but sometimes they stick together and like on December 19, they form along a line," said Helen Kirkup, an official with the Bureau of Meteorology, told Yahoo News. Australia.

The dust storm also hit the Mount Isla, Dajarra and Urandangi areas of Queensland.