Eating shrimp helps improve vision

British scientists have said that eating seafood not less than twice a week can prevent visual problems in women.

Beneficial seafoods include squid, shrimp, marine fish, shellfish, crab, octopus and various seaweed. Scientists also claim that, thanks to seafood, it can maintain eyesight from deterioration with age , a disease that many older women in the UK suffer from.

Picture 1 of Eating shrimp helps improve vision
Shrimp and seafood dishes help improve vision.

Studies of the effects of seafood to vision are conducted under the direction of ophthalmologist, Harvard University Medical School Willliam Christen. He explained that seafood contains a large amount of omega-3 acids, preventing macular degeneration, appearing in old age and impairing vision.

Macular degeneration is caused by cells on the retina that begin to die slowly. This disease in England alone has 500,000 people aged 40 and older.

The study lasted for 10 years and there were 38,000 women volunteering to participate. After the project ended, the phenomenon of macular degeneration in them almost stopped completely. Rather, it only happened in 235 people.

Professor William Christen emphasized that, if eating a little seafood on a daily basis, 42% of the risks of eye problems appear.

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