Electricians 'decode' the phenomenon of poor air conditioning in hot days

Hot and hot weather, combined with urban effects in Hanoi and the Northern provinces are causing people to experience the oppressive atmosphere, difficulty breathing and increase the demand for air conditioning.

However, the fact that there have been many families in recent days despite buying expensive air conditioners and turning on hours but still not cool. There are some cases where a mechanic is called for repair, but after a few days "getting in" . What is the cause of these cases?

Many people forget to maintain air conditioning

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Air conditioner should be serviced every 6 months.

Thanh Dat, a long-term air conditioner repairer in Cau Giay district, said the first cause of the condition of poor air condition was the "forgotten" dust filter .

In fact, the majority of air conditioners and air conditioners in Hanoi urban areas and the Northern provinces are one-way lines, which are used mainly in the summer, and are almost "forgotten" in the other times of the year. Because of this reason, many households do not clean the dust filter periodically, causing dust to cling and reduce the cooling capacity of the machine.

Fortunately, with this problem, users in households and offices can completely fix it by simply removing the filter and going to the toilet. And then put it back on the air conditioner.

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Dust filter will make the air conditioner cool down.

Another common cause is that the air conditioner runs out of gas after a long time of use, or has a gas leak, making even the lowest setting but no cooling is released. , or yes but very weak. In addition, the air conditioner will appear watery.

"If air conditioning is complete, the majority of families can only call maintenance and repair services to recharge the gas, to ensure the machine always operates stably," said Dat.

Not only consume a large amount of electricity and increase the risk of damage, the watery indoor unit (due to lack of gas or running out of gas) also directly affects the health of users.

Poor cooling occurs not only due to air conditioning

The wrong position of the hot office is also one of the causes that make the air conditioner run ineffective when it is hot.

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It should be placed in a cool hot place, avoiding tight spaces, close to corrugated iron roofs, direct sunlight.

Few people know that air conditioners can be less cool due to very objective reasons, such as the influence of outdoor temperatures, and the voltage in the grid.

Specifically, too high temperatures in urban areas, especially between 11 am and 3 pm, can make air conditioning inefficient, as most of the current cooling devices There is no overheating protection when the temperature is over 43 degrees C (46 degrees C for high-end models).

"The obvious fact is that when the weather gets hotter, the air conditioner gets more susceptible to various causes such as overload, fire / short-circuiting IC, the unit is so hot that it cannot cool the indoor unit. . " , Mr. Hong, a long-time conditioning repair said 

Accordingly, the electrician who is knowledgeable in the profession understands the principle that users need to install a hot unit in an open space, with a circulating airflow , avoiding tight spaces, close to corrugated iron roofs, direct sunlight.

However, up to 80% of cases are installed in the wrong position, and do not meet all these factors, especially in high-rise apartments. The reason is sometimes not because of a worker, but because the existing building design does not allow optimal installation of air-conditioning techniques, or because the former owner has installed on a system that is technically wrong.

It is impossible not to mention another reason that is due to the sudden increase in demand for electric equipment , so in many suburban areas, even in some parts of Hanoi city, there has been a phenomenon of thermal overload. , causing some places electricity supply to less than 200V.

The insufficient power supply makes air conditioners, especially the old generation, block (compressor) unable to operate smoothly and inefficient. Even some cases of flickering electricity causes fire, damage to the circuit board inside the device.

To remedy this, users in areas with less stable electricity, weak electricity, should turn off unnecessary electrical equipment, avoid peak hours (6-8 pm) , or buy additional voltage stabilizers For indoor electrical appliances.

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