Found 'treasure' containing many Roman antiques in Spain

Not far from Spain's touristy beaches, archaeologists have discovered a garbage-filled seabed with nearly . 100 Roman ancient vessels and a 1,800-year-old shipwreck.

In fact, this treasure was first discovered in July 2019 in the waters of S'Arenal beach in Palma, but until recently it was officially revealed.

Picture 1 of Found 'treasure' containing many Roman antiques in Spain
Numerous antique jars were found in the 1800-year-old shipwreck.

Immediately after the discovery of the ship with many valuable antiques, the authorities turned to the Balearic Maritime Archeology Research Institute (IBEAM) to identify and recover the objects. neck before they were robbed.

The ship was thought to be a merchant ship that sank in the third century while transporting a supply shipment from the southern Iberian peninsula to Rome.

Archaeologists have found at least 93 jars, a traditional vase with two narrow handles and neck used by the Greeks and Romans.

Prior to the data collected, local authorities said it would analyze the sinking wood and shipwreck inscriptions to try and match it to better understand the ship's origin.

After conducting the necessary evaluation methods, archaeologists suspect it brought with it olive oil, wine and fermented fish sauce.

Featuring a special military-styled design, this newly discovered wreck is one of the best-preserved artifacts of the recently discovered Roman Empire.

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