Giant jellyfish invade Korean beaches

The Korean government on August 5 warned seafarers about the unusual occurrence of a giant jellyfish that could be lethal.

Nemopilema nomurai , a giant jellyfish with a body diameter of over 2m, is invading the coastal waters of Korea, including many famous places such as Jeju Island and Busan Port City. Warming seawater due to the effects of climate change is believed to be one of the reasons why jellyfish populations proliferate.

Picture 1 of Giant jellyfish invade Korean beaches
Nomura jelly has a diameter larger than the adult's height.(Photo: Animal da semana).

The government's warning came after the Korea Fisheries Research and Development Institute confirmed Nemopilema nomurai's venom, also known as Nomura jellyfish , could be fatal in some cases. Earlier, numerous reports of giant jellyfish encroachment were reported in coastal provinces and cities.

According to local news service Newsis , about 50-60 Nomura jellyfish were found in the area of ​​Geoje Island, South Gyeongsang Province. These giant creatures also appear unusual in the deep waters of 40-50m near the city of Pohang. Nemopilema nomurai's booming development was also recorded in Busan, Ulsan, Jeju Island and Jeolla South Province.

Nomura jellyfish originated in the sea between China and Japan. They began appearing in large numbers on the East China Sea from May and then swam to South Korea's Jeju Island in July. Authorities are doing their best to deal with the giant jelly invasion. Giant and prevent accidents during sea travel season.

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