Hanoi people are indifferent to restricting the use of plastic bags

According to a survey of 100% of Hanoi people asked that they still use plastic bags in their daily activities, many others are completely unaware of the harmful effects of this type of bag.

Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment has just held a 5-year preliminary meeting to implement the program "Restricting the use of plastic bags for the environment". From 2009 -2013, the program has achieved many results and the restriction of using plastic bags is gradually becoming a habit for many Capitalists. At supermarkets or commercial centers, plastic bags are gradually being replaced by environmentally friendly bags.

Picture 1 of Hanoi people are indifferent to restricting the use of plastic bags
Many Hanoi people still have the habit of using plastic bags when shopping, or shopping.(Artwork: PV)

However, according to the survey, 3% of the 5,000 respondents were completely unaware of the harmful effects of plastic bags, 100% of the respondents still use this bag in their daily activities.

One of the reasons for this situation, according to Hanoi Department of Natural Resources, is that the propaganda budget is still limited, so it is only implemented in the target group.

According to environmental experts, the life of plastic bags is thousands of years long. Disposing of a plastic bag takes less than a second, but letting it break down naturally takes 500 to 1,000 years. Plastic bags that contain food will contaminate because they contain metals such as lead, harmful to the brain and cause lung cancer, birth defects for babies. Treating plastic bags by burning method is not highly appreciated because plastic bags contain 2 PE and PP substances, when burning will form carbon dioxide, methane and dioxin is very toxic.

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