Here are 3 habits of geniuses you can also apply to make yourself smarter

Sometimes "Genius" is not "Genius", those who have the ability to acquire good knowledge right from the birth but are lazy, refrain from training, they can not become great people in the world. . People are given the genius in part because they have a natural talent, but a large part of it is in their daily habits, ways of thinking and acting.

Tips to help you smarter

  • Stop and think for 10 minutes
  • Spend 20 minutes to read the book
  • Focus on "extreme" for 30 minutes
  • Try it today

Van Gogh is a famous painter, Mozart is a famous composer, Marie Curie is a famous physicist / chemist. But surely, if they do not have a passion for the subjects they pursue, do not practice every day, there will be no great success for billions of people to know their names.

So can we draw on their daily "small" habits to apply in life, help us be able to study and acquire knowledge better? The answer is yes!

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Not all geniuses are smart at birth.(Photo: AP).

Stop and think for 10 minutes

Have you ever stopped and pondered why you are doing what you are doing?

This question is not just for everyday tasks, or can be answered by simple questions like "because it gives me money to live" or "that's my passion" . Those are only the initial answers, but the answers still have to be found by deepening them.

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What motivates you every day?(Photo: Getty).

What in this world is compelling you to live every day? What annoys you? Are you living the 'perfect' life you intended to live? If your life is perfect, then what bad things can make this disappear? These questions will help you ponder more deeply than common sense, helping your mind become alert. When you have found your purpose in life, your life will be simpler.

You can learn a lot from the outside world, but conversely, do you understand your inner world? Ask yourself a difficult question every day and take 10 minutes to answer it, helping you understand yourself better.

Spend 20 minutes to read the book

Taking the time to read the news online every day is a great way to avoid being outdated. You can also learn a lot of new skills from others over the Internet for free.

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Reading just 15 pages a day will help you get ahead in life.(Photo: Bill Gates).

But the Internet will certainly not be a complete substitute for books. This article can give you a small amount of information, make you ponder but can not compare with good books, can draw you into fiction or interesting great research. .

Reading helps you understand the writer's mind, as well as finding new ideas from what you read. This is when the mind works, helping it become more alert. If you spend only 20 minutes a day reading 15 pages of books, you can read 15 to 20 books a year!

It is said that a good book can change a person's whole life, so why not give yourself 15-20 opportunities to change in a year, with only 20 minutes a day? This is a small money and time investment but it has a very high 'profit'!

Focus on "extreme" for 30 minutes

When you devote your entire mind and body to a job, you are opening a new door to mastering your mind. This is a way of learning that is more effective than reading and thinking normally.

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Learn to learn.(Photo: Getty).

You may think that when a musician is trying to practice an instrument, or an artist is 'caught up' in a new work, he is using all his previous skills to create a product. certain, but things have not stopped there. In a state of deep concentration, when we are challenged by an activity, we are also honing our mental apparatus.

We can improve the ability to acquire information, or in other words this is the process of "learning how to learn". In an ever-changing world, it is essential to train yourself, help us learn faster. Whether it's fun, study or work, take 30 minutes to focus on being 'super-focused', helping us do it a little better every day.

Try it today

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Anybody can be smarter.(Image: Getty)

Perhaps each of us has done these things to some degree. But through this article, I want everyone to take it more seriously.

Many people take 10 minutes to ponder and question but do not ask difficult questions; many people spend 20 minutes reading a day, but don't know how to choose good, useful books; Many people spend 30 minutes concentrating on brain training, but there is no clear direction, or distractions around you.

Smart people are not suddenly intelligent, they just do small things every day that others ignore, and one day achieve the great things they want.Not everyone is born a genius, but everyone can be smarter !

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