How to distinguish diphtheria and sore throat

Dr. Tran Duy Hung, Head of the Department of General Infectious Diseases, Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases said that climate conditions have little effect on diphtheria, the risk of diphtheria bacteria in both men and women is the same . The disease is common in children, especially children from 1-7 years old. However, adults can still get sick.

For diphtheria, early detection and treatment play a key role in the effectiveness of treatment. The difficulty is that the early warning signs of diphtheria are quite similar to some common diseases such as colds, flu and especially pharyngitis and tonsillitis. However, according to ThS.BS Tran Duy Hung, if we pay close attention, we can still recognize a few typical symptoms of this infectious disease : 'Differences of diphtheria compared with granular pharyngitis or inflammation tonsils as it causes a toxic condition, should have the collective symptoms Riel g ' .

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Diphtheria patients will have a pseudomembranous area in the gray pharynx, very tough, very difficult to separate from the mucosa.

Specifically, the poisoning caused by diphtheria will cause pale skin, tired people. If the patient is a child, there will be anorexia, fussing and crying. Notably, diphtheria patients will have a pseudomembranous area in the gray pharynx, very tough, very difficult to remove from the mucosa and if deliberately removed can cause bleeding.

In contrast , people with pharyngitis and tonsillitis have pseudomembrane, but it is easy to remove . These are the most typical symptoms, to distinguish diphtheria and other common diseases.

In addition, diphtheria patients also have fever but rarely high fever; the patient has a cough for him, accompanied by other breathing problems such as difficulty breathing, hoarseness .

'When having the above symptoms, parents need to take children immediately to medical facilities for examination, so that they can treat when the disease has just started in the early stages, minimizing dangerous complications. ' - expert recommends synthetic bacterial infections.

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