New discovery about the cause of mammoth extinction

Recent research has strengthened the theory that comets are the culprits that caused the mass extinction of ancient animals around 12,900 years ago.

Recently, the research team from the University of California (USA) has added evidence to support the hypothesis of a comet-to-earth collision nearly 13,000 years ago that caused the extinction of many ancient animals. Great as North American mammoths, giant lazy land or sword tigers.

This hypothesis was mentioned by Professor James Kennett in the " Big Freeze" study published in 2007, which resulted in a series of extinct ancient animals around 12,900 years ago.

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Comets are thought to be the main cause of the extinction of many ancient animals such as mammoths.

According to James Kennett, comets have collided with the area of ​​Earth's glaciers, transforming the ocean circulation and causing terrible cold waves that cover the planet. Currently, the research team led by Professor Santa Barbara offers additional evidence to reinforce Professor Kennet's hypothesis.

The 'big freeze' occurs when the higher latitude areas in the northern hemisphere fall in icy periods respectively in the period of 12,900 - 11,500 years ago. The team thinks that the debris from the comet that hit the Earth tilted, causing the planet to fall to a lower temperature, leading to the extinction of many ancient cultures, including the Clovis. .

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Map of the area where diamonds are found

One of the hypothesis's bases is the discovery of nano diamonds - the only substance that appears through alien collisions, along the Bull Creek and Oklahoma Panhandle areas (USA).

The researchers also analyzed 49 sediment samples at different time periods and environments. The results showed that nano diamonds appeared quite a lot in the surrounding area where it was supposed to happen 'Big freeze'.

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Photos of nano diamonds through high resolution electron microscopy

The team believes that the emergence of nano diamonds is not due to changes in the environment, soil formation, or other human activities.

Based on the relatively large amount of nano in the sediment, scientists believe that there has been an additional collision with the alien object in the past millennium, but the exact time has not been determined. .

However, the theory of 'Big freeze' was also dissected and controversial. Many people protested and provided evidence that the human population did not decline at this stage.

Others believe that the "Big Freeze" is the result of the melting of North America, causing the Atlantic to be invaded by fresh water. This has prevented hot currents and was the direct cause of the terrible cold that period.

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