Primate animals also nest

Usually new birds nest. But recently, scientists have studied the nesting behavior of apes such as orangutans and chimpanzees in forests of Indonesia and Guinea and West Africa.

"We believe that like the apes, the common ancestors of chimpanzees and humans also sleep in trees 6 million years ago," said Dr. Kathelijne Koops (Cambridge University, UK), the leader of the research team. in Live Science magazine.

Picture 1 of Primate animals also nest
A funny chimpanzee in a nest just made - (Photo: Live Science)

Researcher A. Roland Ennos works at the University of Manchester, UK, said: 'The nest of most apes is quite elaborate. They know how to break tree branches to make their nests, showing them how smart '.

They even use tiny branches to interweave under the nest, like 'mattresses' and 'pillows' that people often use.

According to Live Science, the apes of apes have a length of about 1.2-1.5m and a width of less than 1m. They make nests on the forest canopy, at a height of 10-20m, and the time they make their nest in just 10 minutes.

Picture 2 of Primate animals also nest
Orangutan's nest seen from the air - (Photo: Live Science)

In particular, they use the nest to sleep only once during the night. Their team also has the function of keeping the body warm, avoiding insects and making them safer in the nest than when they are in the forest.

However, scientists said they also recorded chimpanzees nesting in trees and under the forest carpet.

The hypothesis of the scientists is that due to the lack of greenery in the surrounding environment, chimpanzees must move to the forest carpet to make their nest.

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